Education Programs: Institutes for Higher Education Faculty

Period of Performance

9/1/1975 - 6/30/1980

Funding Totals

$48,136.45 (approved)
$48,136.45 (awarded)

Library Expertise Sharing: A Program of Orientation in Library Know-how for Humanities & Social Science 1975-1980

FAIN: EH-*0364-75

Clark Atlanta University (Atlanta, GA 30314-4358)
Fannie B. Hogan (Project Director: November 1974 to October 1990)

To allow the orientation librarian to hold sessions in orientation for freshmen and sophomore courses, follow up sessions for guiding students using more basic tools, give individual instructions in bibliographic resources in smaller groups, and hold term paper clinics. The aim of this project is to expand the librarians role in the educative process, to increase student proficiency in use of available resources, to secure faculty cooperation, to breakdown faculty and student barriers that hinder learning, and to increase library circulation.