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Prizes for Lady Mary Wroth, 17th-Century English Writer: A Biography

Lady Mary Wroth, 17th-Century English Writer: A Biography
Margaret Hannay, Siena College

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Prizes for Mary Sidney, Lady Wroth (Book)

2011 Book Award [link]
Date: 10/20/2012 12:00:00 AM
Organization: Society for the Study of Early Modern Women [link]
Abstract: Margaret P. Hannay's study is the first book-length critical biography of one of early modern England's most significant female writers. A deftly woven synthesis of historical, archival, and literary materials, Mary Sidney, Lady Wroth marks an important milestone in scholarship on early modern women. Working with a wide range of sources, sketching the numerous characters in Wroth's life story, and untangling Wroth's own inclusion of autobiographical details in her prose romance, Urania, Hannay weaves a prodigious amount of information into a compelling and engaging scholarly narrative. Her discussion extends into multiple aspects of early seventeenth-century English literary production, society, and politics, providing crucial context for a wide range of readers. The author has also made a significant number of factual discoveries, on the basis of which she meticulously and generously corrects errors and assumptions found in earlier scholarship. At the same time, her bo