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Coverage for grant FA-37770-03

The Transformation of Style: Johann Nepomuk Hummel
Mark Kroll, Boston University

Grant details:

Author(s): Kenneth Hamilton
Publication: Journal of Musicological Research
Date: 10/10/2009
Abstract: "... there remains a glaring lack of accessible treatments of certain major figures who were subsequently handled less than kindly by history... in the world of piano music none are more deserving of attention than Hummel... a straightforward presentation of the composer's life and works is the first necessity--and that is what Kroll gives us... his writing style is clear, his footnoting extensive, and his overall chapter organization perfectly cogent... We needed a decent book on Hummel, and now we have one."

Author(s): Jarel Hulbert
Publication: Notes
Date: 9/1/2008
Abstract: “With his publication of Johann Nepomuk Hummel: A Musician’s Life and World, Mark Kroll has filled an important gap in the literature.” “Kroll’s biography…has the distinction of being the first English-language biography on Hummel’s life and career from birth to death.” “Substantial documentation and commentary in the form of endnotes rounds out the chapter (and each subsequent one).” “…its undeniable status as the only English-language biography on Hummel makes it an extremely important addition to any library with a music collection. It should prove useful to anyone interested in Hummel or in any one of the composers among his circle of friends and associates.”

Author(s): Peter Williams
Publication: Musical Times
Date: 10/10/2008
Abstract: it is surprising that the book can so justifiably claim to be 'the first English language book to consider the entirety of Hummel's career.” “….Just to have a convenient collection of remarks by Mozart, Haydn and Co., including Goethe himself, is a treat for the reader, who will find here many a vivid vignette of people, places and events. Particularly welcome is the account of life in Weimar.” “…Especially helpful are the long quotations (given also in the original) and the musical extracts comparing Hummel with others.”