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Coverage for grant FA-56642-12

Frank Lloyd Wright's Contributions to Urbanism and Urban Planning
Neil Levine, President and Fellows of Harvard College

Grant details:

"He Knew He Was Wright: An Impressive Account of a Genius Whose Urban Designs Were Left Largely Unrealized" (Review)
Author(s): Thomas S. Hines
Publication: Times Literary Supplement
Date: 6/3/2016

"Wrights Stadtlandschaft" (Review)
Publication: Neuer Z├╝rcher Zeitung
Date: 2/2/2016

"The Urbanism of Frank Lloyd Wright" (Review)
Author(s): Noor Bell
Publication: CityCity Magazine
Date: 6/1/2016

"The Urbanism of Frank Lloyd Wright" (Review)
Author(s): Alina Cohen
Publication: Surface
Date: 2/1/2014