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Coverage for grant FB-53957-08

The Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in History and Memory
Paul Miller, McDaniel College

Grant details:

Kein Denkmal für den Toten” [No Memorial for the Dead] (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Paul Miller, Alma Hannig
Publication: Die Zeit magazine
Date: 6/6/2014
Abstract: Shortened, general reader-friendly version of academic article "Forgetting Franz Ferdinand"

Extraausgabe! Die Medien und der Krieg 1914–1918” [Extra! Extra! The Media and the War] (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Paul Miller
Publication: trafo.K
Date: 5/15/2014
Abstract: I worked with the office trafo.K ( to develop teaching materials for a multiperspective, transnational discussion of World War I (Vienna, May 2014)

The shot that changed world history (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Paul Miller, John Cummins
Publication: Austrian Radio FM4 (ÖRF) program
Date: 6/28/2014
Abstract: Radio interview on the 100th anniversary of the Sarajevo assassination

Attentate, Anschläge, und politische motivierte Morde” [Assassinations, Attempts, and Politically Motivated Murders] (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Paul Miller, Ewald Hiebl
Publication: Austrian Radio (ÖRF) program
Date: 9/25/2013
Abstract: Radio program interview on the Sarajevo assassination.