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Coverage for grant FT-248802-16

Arabs at a South American Border Remaking the Hemisphere
John Karam, Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois

Grant details:

Bercito on Karam, 'Manifold Destiny: Arabs at an American Crossroads of Exceptional Rule' (Review)
Author(s): Diogo Bercito
Publication: H-Net Review
Date: 10/1/2022

Book review of Manifold Destiny (Review)
Author(s): Raanan Rein
Publication: Journal of Latin American Studies
Date: 6/13/2022
Abstract: Book review of Manifold Destiny -

Book review of Manifold Destiny (Review)
Author(s): Ken Chitwood
Publication: Latin America and Caribbean Islamic Studies Newsletter
Date: 6/5/2023
Abstract: In this erudite and elaborate ethnography, Karam has carefully crafted a narrative of how Arabs in the Tri-Border Region trouble our understanding of borders, global Islam, Brazil, Latin America, the Americas, the transnational Middle East, and American empire. Focusing on transnational projects, economic enterprises, as well political, cultural, and religious initiatives that cross national boundaries on a regular basis, (p. 2) Karam traces how Arabs came to terms with the exceptional rule of rival states and overlapping political, social, and military orders (p. 5) in Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina (p. 9). Specifically, Karam explores how Arabs embody and enliven “a semiperipheral America that neither led to nor derived from U.S. influence in the hemisphere.” (p. 10) Relying on a treasure-trove of detailed interviews with local interlocutors collected over multiple years and on all sides of the border(s), Karam’s work offers textured nuance to our understanding of what it means to