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Coverage for grant FT-265418-19

The Shape of Democracy: Building Political Spaces in a Digital Age
Jennifer Forestal, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Grant details:

Guest Post: Jennifer Forestal writes about her new book Designing for Democracy: How to Build Community in Digital Environments (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Jennifer Forestal
Publication: Andrew Chadwick Blog
Date: 12/7/2021
Abstract: Summary promoting Designing for Democracy
URL: http://

Book Review: Designing for democracy: How to build community in digital environments Jennifer Forestal Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2022, 240pp, ISBN: 9780197568767 (Review)
Author(s): Alfred Moore
Publication: Contemporary Political Theory
Date: 11/9/2022

Book Review: Designing for Democracy: How to Build Community in Digital Environments. By Jennifer Forestal. New York: Oxford University Press, 2022. 232p. $99.00 cloth. (Review)
Author(s): Callum Ingram
Publication: Perspectives on Politics
Date: 12/12/2022

Designing for Democracy How to Build Community in Digital Environments OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 2021 (Media Coverage)
Publication: New Books Network podcast
Date: 1/19/2023
Abstract: Political Theorist Jennifer Forestal’s new book is a fascinating exploration of contemporary democracy and how it operates in different spaces. Forestal’s avenue into the question of democracy and the space in which it functions comes out of the idea of how spaces are designed and for what reasons. This idea of built environments—be they city centers in urban areas, software architecture, or the existence and width of sidewalks—contribute to how we, as individuals and community members, operate in those spaces. Forestal is paying particular attention to participatory democracy, where community members come together to solve problems collectively. Designing for Democracy: How to Build Community in Digital Environments (Oxford UP, 2021)weaves together the concrete, the actual spaces where we can gather together or where we are pushed apart, and the theoretical, the way democracy, as a concept, draws on the will of the people to govern themselves.