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Modernization as a Tool in U.S. Foreign Relations in East and Southeast Asia, 1914-1973
David Ekbladh, Tufts University

Grant details:

Review (Review)
Author(s): G. John Ikenberry
Publication: Foreign Affairs
Date: 5/1/2010
Abstract: In this important book, Ekbladh provides one of the most compelling portraits yet of the liberal ideas that guide U.S. foreign policy. . . . Even though the liberal vision of modernization lost appeal amid the trauma of the Vietnam War, as Ekbladh's fascinating account makes clear, it remains deeply embedded in the American imagination.
URL: http://

Review (Review)
Author(s): Travis Nelson
Publication: Political Science Quarterly
Date: 12/21/2011
Abstract: [T]his is a book with a broad mandate. . . . It is a significant contribution to have such a compelling account of the overall strategic impetus of American development during, before, and after the Cold War.