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Coverage for grant FT-55012-07

A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare's Coriolanus
David George, Urbana University

Grant details:

"Appropriated Shakespeare: Sensation, Politicization, and De(con)struction." (Review)
Author(s): Edmund Taft, editor
Publication: Selected papers of Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference
Date: 3/30/2007
Abstract: Short version of book, with emphasis on post-Brecht adaptations, and remarks on and reasons for the failure of all but Brecht's adaptation of Coriolanus. Newspaper reviews of Robert Lepage's French version are quoted in detail. Deviations from and cuts of Shakespeare's text are summarized.
URL: http://blogs/

"Appropriated Shakespeare: Sensation, Politicization, and De(con)struction" (Media Coverage)
Author(s): David George
Publication: Selected Papers of the Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference
Date: 3/30/2009
Abstract: A condensed version of A Comparison of Sic Adaptations, from Tate to Robert Lepage. Emphasis is on post-1950s adaptations, their cuts and manipulations, and their success or lack of it. Particular attention is paid to political slanting, with a conclusion that all of them were ephemeral except Brecht's. The essay was re-published by Thomson/Gale, Shakespearean Criticism, vol. 95 (2011).

"Coriolanus and the Late Romances" (Media Coverage)
Author(s): David George
Publication: Late Shakespeare, 1608-1616, ed. Power and Loughnane
Date: 7/31/2013
Abstract: Linking of Coriolanus (1608) with the four romances (Pericles, Cymbeline, A Winter's Tale, The Tempest) that follow it, with emphasis on repeated themes of revenge and reconciliation, similar plot details, and parallel characters.