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Coverage for grant FT-59482-12

Thomas Aquinas's Biblical Commentaries and the U.S. Supreme Court
Eugene Rogers, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Grant details:

Eugene F. Rogers, Jr.: Aquinas and the Supreme Court: Race, Gender, and the Failure of Natural Law in Thomas's Biblical Commentaries (Review)
Author(s): D. McIlroy
Publication: Studies in Christian Ethics
Date: 9/30/2015
Abstract: "It is essential reading for any theologian engaging with Aquinas’s ethics and for any lawyer who wants to reflect on their calling after Aquinas."

Aquinas--And His Exploiters (Review)
Author(s): Duncan Dormer
Publication: Church Times
Date: 1/17/2014
Abstract: “A “must” for the theological-college library, this is not a book that can be ignored by anyone interested in this fascinating and deeply influential Dominican.”

Eugene F. Rogers--Aquinas and the Supreme Court (Review)
Author(s): Myles Werntz
Publication: Englewood Review of Books
Date: 7/19/2013
Abstract: Rogers makes the breathtaking argument that Thomas Aquinas does not, in fact, say what you think he says on the topic of natural law, nature, and what is appropriate to humans as natural.
URL: http://