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Coverage for grant GI-261155-18

American Art Galleries Reinstallation Project
Kathleen Foster, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Grant details:

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Temple, and Rendell Center receive NEH grants (Media Coverage)
Author(s): John Timpane
Publication: Philadelphia Inquirer
Date: 8/9/2018
Abstract: Philadelphia cultural institutions won big in the latest round of National Endowment for the Humanities grants, announced Monday.

Transformational changes at Museum of Art will debut May 7 with two major exhibitions in new galleries (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Stephan Salisbury
Publication: Philadelphia Inquirer
Date: 2/25/2021
Abstract: After nearly four years of maddening construction that closed off swaths of the Philadelphia Museum of Art to visitors, a date to reopen and show off 22,000 square feet of new gallery space and the rest of the transformational changes has now been set: May 7. This includes the reinstallation of the early American art collection and opening of a new exhibition of contemporary artists with ties to Philadelphia.
URL: http://

New Galleries Will Present a Fresh Take on Art of the Americas with a Focus on Philadelphia (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Norman Keyes, Justin Rubich, Joy Deibert
Publication: Philadelphia Museum of Art Press Room
Date: 2/25/2021
Abstract: Philadelphia Museum of Art's press release regarding installation of new galleries with a spotlight on immigration, colonialism, trade, and underrepresented narratives.

A New Day at the PMA (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Alexandra Alevizatos Kirtley
Publication: Magazine Antiques
Date: 3/1/2014
Abstract: A curator guides readers through the revamped early American art galleries at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art Reimagines the City's History (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Peter Saenger
Publication: Wall Street Journal
Date: 4/2/2021
Abstract: The museum's new American galleries highlight the turbulence and vitality of the biggest city in colonial America.

Philadelphia Museum of Art's New Galleries Present a Fresh Take on Art of the Americas with a Focus on Philadelphia (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Artfix Daily
Publication: ArtfixDaily
Date: 4/5/2021
Abstract: The new galleries offer a welcome opportunity for the museum to tell a wealth of stories centered on Philadelphia and the central role it has played in the development of American art, highlighting the creative spirit that has always been a hallmark of this city and continues to distinguish artmaking in Philadelphia today.

American Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art: Enlarging the Canon, Without Polemics (Review)
Author(s): Lance Esplund
Publication: The Wall Street Journal
Date: 5/8/2021
Abstract: The institution’s new Robert L. McNeil, Jr. Galleries recount a complicated, often difficult history, while keeping the art front and center.

Inside the Art Museum's new galleries, a promising profusion of art-makers and more expansive narratives (Review)
Author(s): Thomas Hine
Publication: The Philadelphia Inquirer
Date: 5/6/2021
Abstract: An exhibition of works by local art-makers opens the Philadelphia Museum of Art's new contemporary galleries. The new Early American galleries reframe that collection to tell a more inclusive story.

American Art Illuminated (Media Coverage)
Publication: Early American Life
Date: 8/1/2021
Abstract: Re-interpreted and revealing, the early American galleries at the Philadelphia Museum of Art shine new light into dark corners of our history.

Reconsidered & Reinstalled: Art Of The Americas At The Philadelphia Museum Of Art (Review)
Author(s): Jessica Skwire Routhier
Publication: Antiques and the Arts
Date: 5/4/2021
Abstract: Review of reinstalled Early American Art galleries

John Singleton Copley double portrait lovingly restored, pock marks and all (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Emily Sharpe
Publication: The Art Newspaper
Date: 7/2/2021
Abstract: So-called imperfections laid bare at the Philadelphia Museum of Art through conservation efforts

The Eye Revealed (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Stephan Salisbury
Publication: The Philadelphia Inquirer
Date: 5/7/2021
Abstract: How two mysterious royal portraits came to light as the Philadelphia Museum of Art prepped for its grand expansion.