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Coverage for grant HD-51640-13

Project Andvari: A Digital Portal to the Visual World of Early Medieval Northern Europe
Lilla Kopar, Catholic University of America

Grant details:

UM Art Historian's Research Proves Viking Art, Culture (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Edwin Smith
Date: 7/16/2016
Abstract: This article reviews the innovative work that Dr. Nancy Wicker is performing in the arena of Nordic art and culture. The article provides an in-depth discussion of Dr. Wicker's involvement with Project Andvari.

Digital History Abounds: A Roundup of Recent NEH Grant Projects (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Jennifer Reut
Publication: AHA Today
Date: 7/8/2013
Abstract: This article from the American Historical Association reviews numerous NEH-supported initiatives that adopt digital approaches to innovative historic research. Project Andvari is discussed as an initiative that is representative of novel approaches towards medieval research through the application of digital methodologies.

Awards Granted to Medievalists (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Chris Cole
Publication: The Medieval Academy Blog
Date: 8/18/2013
Abstract: A review of financial awards granted to medieval researchers. Project Andvari is discussed among other contemporary research initiatives.

Ensuring the unexpected (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Marcus Smith
Publication: K-BLOGG
Date: 4/4/2016
Abstract: In this blog post, the author presents an assessment of modern linked open data methodologies and their value towards the support of open research platforms, applications, and games. Focusing primarily on the data published by the RAA through the SOCH platform, the author describes Project Andvari as an innovative initiative that will amplify the value of LOD approaches and publishing practices. This promotion of Andvari's core tenets establishes the global support for LOD approaches, further illustrating the value of this application of DH methodologies to medieval research.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Marcus Smith
Publication: K-BLOGG
Date: 11/18/2014
Abstract: This blog post -- written by a member of the Project Andvari advisory committee -- provides an in-depth account of his experience while working on the iconographic thesaurus workshop. His account draws connections between the mission of the Swedish National Heritage Board and the stated goals of Project Andvari. Drawing connections between the RAA's SOCH initiative, the K-samsök platform, PeriodO, the British Museum's linked open data initiatives, and Project Andvari, the author makes a compelling case for the international support of innovative digital humanities platforms and research methodologies.