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Coverage for grant HK-230916-15

Immigrant Stories
Erika Lee, University of Minnesota

Grant details:

Spotlight on Immigrant Stories (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Hillary Brady
Publication: Digital Public Library of America Blog
Date: 10/27/2015
Abstract: Digital Public Library of American blog post highlighting the Immigrant Stories project on the 50th anniversary of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 w

University of Minnesota's Immigrant Stories digital projects is poised to expand nationally (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Mila Koumpilova
Publication: Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Date: 9/23/2015

True Story (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Amy Sitze
Publication: University of Minnesota Foundation Magazine
Date: 1/1/2016
Abstract: Winter 2016 issue

"Telling Their Own Stories." (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Hillary Brady
Publication: CLA News
Date: 9/28/2015
Abstract: Article highlighting the Immigrant Stories project.

U celebrates 50 years of immigration (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Kellia Moeller, Hillary Brady
Publication: MN Daily
Date: 11/2/2015

Immigrant Stories: New Ways of Preserving and Teaching Immigration History (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Elizabeth Venditto
Publication: Immigration and Ethnic History Blog
Date: 6/23/2016

In their own words: After collecting its 200th story, U of M center to expand ‘Immigrant Stories’ initiative across country (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Gregg Aamot
Publication: MinnPost
Date: 9/26/2016

‘U’ Research Center Leads ‘Immigrant Stories’ Workshops In Michigan (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Associated Press
Publication: Associated Press
Date: 10/6/2017

MSU team challenges toxic stereotypes of American immigrants (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Joe Grimm
Publication: Read the Spirit
Date: 10/10/2016

Immigrant Story Archiving Project to Expand Internationally (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Frances Kai-Hwa Wang
Publication: NBC Asian America
Date: 10/11/2016