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Coverage for grant LD-234311-16

A Broad and Sure Foundation: The 14th Amendment in American Life and Imagination
Elizabeth Sinclair, Maine Humanities Council

Grant details:

Exhibit Explores the 14th Amendment (Media Coverage)
Publication: Central
Date: 9/16/2016
Abstract: The Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine in partnership with the Kennebec Valley Art Association will present “Equal Protection of the Laws,” an exhibition featuring the work of 17 Maine artists inspired by the rights granted by the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.The exhibit and programs were supported by the Maine Humanities Council through their broad and sure foundation program.

Students create ‘We are Westbrook’ with street artist: A grant brought Pigeon to the school to help celebrate diversity and inclusivity. (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Kate Gardner
Publication: Keep Me Current
Date: 3/16/2017
Abstract: Students at Westbrook High School got to be street artists for a day as they celebrated diversity and inclusivity. Instead of streets, though, the students lined the school hallways with their art. Overseeing the installation was street artist Pigeon, most known for The MAINER Project, which he created last year. “The whole idea is to acknowledge each other’s differences, and also find commonalities,” Pigeon, whose real name is Orson Horchler, said of the project at the high school. The project was set up by the Maine Humanities Council, which awarded grants to eight schools so Pigeon could work with them. The project was set up by the Maine Humanities Council, which awarded grants to eight schools so Pigeon could work with them.

The conversation about equality in Maine is just getting started (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Hayden Anderson
Publication: The Bangor Daily News
Date: 5/15/2016
Abstract: Equality is a bedrock American value, yet somehow it feels like we’re not very good at it. From the founding to the present day, we have always talked pretty well about equality while falling well short of the ideal. It’s worth thinking about why that’s so.

How Maine did-and then didn't- play a-role in the 14th Amendment (Media Coverage)
Publication: Bangor Daily News
Date: 6/19/2016
Abstract: One hundred fifty years ago this spring, Congress passed what some call the most important modification to the U.S. Constitution ever. The 14th Amendment fixed problems left over from the Civil War, a task that proved to be surprisingly difficult. The amendment’s ambivalent legacy has rendered it a vital piece of our constitution, with ongoing relevance to today’s contentious policy debates.

Exploring the concepts of equality, citizenship, and liberty/ Maine Calling radio show (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Maine Public Radio call-in show
Publication: Maine Public Broadcasting
Date: 5/1/2016
Abstract: Join guests Kenneth W. Mack, Lawrence D. Biele Professor of Law and Affiliate Professor of History at Harvard University, and Patrick Rael, Professor of History at Bowdoin College, as they discuss the historical and contemporary significance of the 14th Amendment on MPBN Maine Calling. Passed 150 years ago, the 14th Amendment ensures citizenship rights, equal protection, and due process before the law. It is also cited in more litigation than any other constitutional amendment, influencing such Supreme Court cases as Plessy v. Ferguson (18 May 1896), Brown v. Board of Education (17 May 1954), Loving v. Virginia (12 Jun 1967), and Obergefell v. Hodges (26 June 2015). As the 150th anniversary of its framing approaches, we discuss its origins, its continued impact on American life, and its interpretation by the Supreme Court, federal, and state governments.

Maine Voices: A Captain America for Civil Rights My beard and turban help me teach kids to shed stereotypes and be open to learning what it really means to be American. (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Vishavjit Singh
Publication: Portland Press Herald
Date: 5/29/2016
Abstract: His account of his visit to Maine to present at the Civil Rights Team Projects annual statewide conference for students and advisors.