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Coverage for grant PA-50186-03

Dictionary of American Regional English [DARE]
Joan Hall, University of Wisconsin System

Grant details:

You don't say: A DARE-ing dictionary of words you may never use (Review)
Author(s): William J. Cromie
Publication: Harvard University Gazette
Date: 8/21/2003
Abstract: A Review of vol. 4, along with a description and brief history of the project.

Publication: 2004 Farmers' Almanac
Date: 1/1/2003

Dictionary of American English. Vol. 4, P-Sk. (Review)
Author(s): Richard W. Bailey
Publication: Journal of English Linguistics
Date: 12/1/2003

Complete, consistent, and deliberate lexicography (Review)
Author(s): Lee Pederson
Publication: American Speech
Date: 12/1/2003
Abstract: Reviews vol. 4, P-Sk.

Life among the lexicographers (Review)
Author(s): Joseph M. Romero
Publication: Humanities
Date: 3/1/2004

The Writer's Art (Review)
Author(s): James J. Kilpatrick
Publication: [author's syndicated column]
Date: 5/16/2004

Dropped egg? You must be from somewhere else (Media Coverage)
Author(s): O'Briant, Don
Publication: Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Date: 9/23/2004

Dictionary of American Regional English editor examines regionally unique words, phrases (Media Coverage)
Author(s): McClain, Will
Publication: Daily Cardinal
Date: 3/17/2005

What did you say? When you stray from Midwest, language changes with landscape (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Kirschenmann, Jay
Publication: Sioux Falls Argus Leader (SD)
Date: 3/28/2005

Upper midwestern English: Rich, distinct, and getting more so all the time (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Salmons, Joe
Publication: Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures Friends Newsletter
Date: 3/1/2005

Buddy the Squirrel is on the Fritz (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Brubaker, Jack
Publication: Lancaster Online
Date: 4/29/2005

Language that gives life spice (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Jacquelyn Mitchard
Publication: Capital Times
Date: 11/20/2003

Dictionary of American Regional English, vol. IV (Review)
Author(s): Terry K. Pratt
Publication: Canadian Journal of Linguistics
Date: 3/1/2004

In the South, a 'coke' could be a Pepsi (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Leith, Scott
Publication: Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Date: 1/27/2001

Local misnomer the fruit of culinary history (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Martin, Chuck
Publication: Enquirer (Cincinnati OH)
Date: 2/27/2005

DARE editor to discuss new regional English, dictionary uses (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Wolff, Barbara
Publication: Wisconsin Week
Date: 3/2/2005

You say soda, I say pop: a look at our dialects (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Block, Dustin
Publication: Journal-Times (Racine WI)
Date: 3/12/2005