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Coverage for grant PR-253360-17

Universal Scripts Project
Deborah Anderson, University of California, Berkeley

Grant details:

Texting in Ancient Mayan Hieroglyphs (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Erica Machulak
Publication: Humanities
Date: 1/2/2018
Abstract: Description of the work to get Mayan Hieroglyphs into the international standard Unicode, being done through the NEH-funded Universal Scripts Project.

Soon You May Be Able to Text with 2,000 Egyptian Hieroglyphs (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Sarah E. Bond
Publication: Hypoallergic
Date: 5/6/2018
Abstract: An article about ongoing work to add over 2,000 more Egyptian Hieroglyphs to the international standard Unicode, and why this is important. Work is done through the NEH-supported Universal Scripts Project and the umbrella project (SEI).

“La cruzada de estos españoles para que la lengua ibérica llegue a tu ordenador” (Media Coverage)
Author(s): José Manuel Blanco
Publication: Xataka
Date: 6/30/2019
Abstract: This article (in Spanish) discusses the work to get Palaeohispanic scripts into Unicode.

“Wasapea como un egipcio: así llegarán los jeroglíficos a tu teléfono móvil” (Media Coverage)
Publication: El Mundo
Date: 8/20/2018
Abstract: This article (in Spanish) discusses work to get Egyptian Hieroglyphs into Unicode and onto mobile devices.

“The Economist Explains: The great emoji debate” (Media Coverage)
Author(s): G.F.
Publication: The Economist
Date: 12/18/2017
Abstract: This article discusses the impact of getting emoji into the Unicode Standard versus work on getting lesser-used scripts into Unicode.

“How the Appetite for Emojis Complicates the Effort to Standardize the World’s Alphabets” (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Michael Erard
Publication: New York Times
Date: 10/18/2017
Abstract: This article discusses the work of getting emoji into Unicode, and how it affects work to get various lesser-used scripts into Unicode.