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Coverage for grant PW-253855-17

Building a Duchamp Research Portal at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Matthew Affron, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Grant details:

A Portal into Marcel Duchamp (Review)
Author(s): Margaret Huang, PMA Martha Hamilton Morris Archivist
Publication: PMA Stories
Date: 1/31/2022
Abstract: This article examines the role of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) in creating the Duchamp Research Portal, as well as acquiring the collection of Walter and Louise Arensberg, Marcel Duchamp’s primary patrons. The correspondences between PMA and the Arensbergs is preserved in the Duchamp Research Portal, alongside thousands of archival materials, some of which are highlighted in the article. Margaret Huang, project manager and author of the article, discusses creating metadata for the project and collaborating with institutions in France to bring the project to life. Huang highlights important pieces in the collection, including Duchamp’s passport, vaccine record, and rent receipt, all of which help to illuminate the life and works of Duchamp. This article increases awareness of the Duchamp Research Portal and helps reveal the behind-the-scenes work of museum professionals.

Building a Legacy (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Alison McDonald, Antoine Monnier, Severine Gossart, Aurelien Bernard, Margaret Huang
Publication: Gagosian Quarterly
Date: 10/1/2022
Abstract: Part of an ongoing series, this article interviews four key staff members from all three institutions—Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA), Centre Georges Pompidou, Association Marcel Duchamp (AMD)—that were crucial to the design and digitization of the Duchamp Research Portal. The interviews offer insight into archival practices, digitization, and collaboration between institutions. It also discusses the legal requirements of both the United States and Europe, including the copyright and intellectual property laws which had to be taken into for this project. Finally, the article emphasizes the role of the portal in humanizing and contextualizing the iconic figure of Duchamp. The portal creates new opportunities for researchers around the world to connect pieces of information that would otherwise be thousands of miles apart, and to gain a more complete picture of the artist Marcel Duchamp.