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Coverage for grant PW-51161-12

The Syriac Reference Portal: New Access to Sources for the History of the Middle East
David Michelson, Vanderbilt University

Grant details:

‘Syriac Gazetteer’ preserves endangered Middle East cultures (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Ann Marie Deer Owens
Publication: Research News @ Vanderbilt
Date: 4/23/2014
Abstract: Key moments in the development and interaction of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other religions are being preserved through, an international collaboration edited by scholars at Vanderbilt and Princeton universities. The Syriac Gazetteer, an online geographical dictionary, is the first in a series of reference works launched by to document and save ancient and medieval Middle Eastern cultural heritage now threatened by civil war and political instability.

Texas A&M, Vanderbilt Faculty Work To Preserve Piece of Middle Eastern Culture (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Bryant Welbourne
Publication: SECU Quarterly
Date: 7/21/2016
Abstract: Faculty from two SEC universities are working to prevent that from happening to one Middle Eastern culture that dates back more than 1,500 years. Dr. David Michelson, Assistant Professor of the History of Christianity at Vanderbilt University, and Dr. Daniel Schwartz, Assistant Professor of History at Texas A&M University, recently participated in the SEC Faculty Travel Program to work on a grant application for the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). The project, which later received funding from the NEH, called for support of a digital humanities collection of Syriac literature.