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Coverage for grant RA-228605-15

Long-Term Research Fellowships at the American Research Institute in Turkey
C. Brian Rose, American Research Institute in Turkey

Grant details:

Q&A on Uyghur Relations with Drexel’s New Director of Global Studies (Media Coverage)
Author(s): staff
Publication: College News
Date: 3/5/2019
Abstract: Interview with Dr. Rebecca Clothey about her interest in Uyghur language and culture and her research in Turkey.

review of Sea Change: Ottoman Textiles between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean (Oakland: University of California Press 2021) (Review)
Author(s): Ashley Dimmig
Publication: CAAReviews
Date: 2/22/2022
Abstract: Amanda Phillips’s Sea Change: Ottoman Textiles between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean is a welcome intervention in the fields of Ottoman material culture and global textile studies. Building on surveys of Ottoman silk and weaving such as Nurhan Atasoy, Walter B. Denny, Louise W. Mackie, and Hülya Tezcan’s İPEK: Imperial Ottoman Silks and Velvets (Azimuth Editions, 2001), Phillips delves deep into the silk-weaving industry in the early modern Ottoman empire (ca. 1400–1800), informed by expert readings of archival sources and material evidence alike.

Review of Phillips, Sea Change (Review)
Publication: Bustan: The Middle East Book Review
Date: 7/1/2022
Abstract: Among the treasures in the monastery of Studenica in Serbia is a large silk hanging, woven for the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I (r. 1389-1402). It is the earliest known Ottoman textile and is among the earliest works of Ottoman art of any sort. Although it is very well reserved, its initial production remains mysterious, as do its trajectories in the fifteenth century and later. This talk combines an overview of the silk's historical context with a discussion of technology and material and makes a brief foray into its later life in Studenica and elsewhere.