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The Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger: Book and Digital Editions
Esther Katz, New York University

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Review (Review)
Author(s): Anonymous
Date: 12/10/2021
Abstract: With two volumes already in print, most certainly UIP’s publication of the letters of this major contributor to 20th century American life must be continued. By telling the story of Sanger’s struggles to make birth control a central and acceptable practice, the volumes document the controversies regarding this significant issue, one that extends well beyond U.S. borders and into the 21st century. The editors have produced a commendably balanced account, explaining the outcomes, both positive and negative, of MS’s efforts. MS is not lionized. . . .Her quarrels with colleagues such as Juliet Rublee, Dorothy Brush, and institutions, chiefly the Roman Catholic Church, are fully documented. From MS’s vivid, informal prose, we get a sense of how she conducted business. The general introduction and introductions to each chapter are concise and well-written, free from annoying jargon.”