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Vietnam: The Real War and The Things They Carried
Stacy Peterson, Dubuque Museum of Art

Grant details:

Truth of war: Dubuque museum's latest exhibition examines role of photojournalism in Vietnam (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Megan Gloss
Publication: Telegraph Herald
Date: 11/11/2021
Abstract: It was a conflict that came to define mid-1960s and early 1970s America. The war in Vietnam had been raging since November 1955. But it was U.S. involvement beginning nearly a decade later that brought about a new platform and signaled a turmoil that would spill far beyond the borders of the Southeast Asian country. “It was the first war that was brought to us in almost real time through television and the media,” said Gary Stoppelman, executive director of the Dubuque Museum of Art. “You saw journalists on the ground who, for the most part, had access to soldiers and high-ranking officers. Many who were there documenting what they were experiencing provided an unfiltered look at not only the battles being fought on the ground but the effect it had on the people and the country itself.”
URL: http://

Play preview: DuMA program explores extraordinary life of Capa (Media Coverage)
Author(s): Michelle London
Publication: Telegraph Herald
Date: 11/26/2021
Abstract: Moderator Kevin Firnstahl will introduce patrons to Robert Capa (Jared Baker), a photojournalist who was witness to some of the world’s most polarizing events. From travels in Spain with Ernest Hemingway to document the Spanish Civil War, to journeying through post-war Russia with John Steinbeck, Capa’s work and his globe-trotting adventures will come to life. DuMA’s “Dead Artist’s Series” began in 2007. Georgia O’Keeffe (Leonore Howard), Salvador Dali (Kevin Firnstahl) and Andy Warhol (Dan Fairchild) were the first artists introduced in the program. Born Endre Friedmann in 1914, Robert Capa grew up in a middle-class Jewish family in Budapest, Hungary. Moving to Berlin at age 18, he studied journalism at the German Political College before the Nazi party banned Jews from the universities.