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 11 items in 1 pages
FA-001179-79Research Programs: Fellowships for University TeachersLeo BersaniMallarme and Modernism7/1/1979 - 6/30/1980$20,000.00Leo Bersani   University of California, BerkeleyBerkeleyCA94704-5940USA1979Literature, GeneralFellowships for University TeachersResearch Programs200000200000

No project description available

FA-003379-79Research Programs: Fellowships for University TeachersRobert CohnA Study in Depth of Mallarme's IGITUR1/1/1979 - 1/1/1980$20,000.00Robert Cohn        1979Literature, GeneralFellowships for University TeachersResearch Programs200000200000

No project description available

FA-11764-77Research Programs: Fellowships for University TeachersEdward J. AhearnRimbaud, A Comparative Study7/1/1977 - 6/30/1978$10,904.00EdwardJ.Ahearn   Brown UniversityProvidenceRI02912-9100USA1977Comparative LiteratureFellowships for University TeachersResearch Programs109040109040

An inclusive, thematic and comparative approach to Rimbaud relating the detail of his work to the large concerns of poetry in the 19th and 20th centuries through sustained comparison with writers like Blake, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Holderlin, Hugo, Baudelaire, Mallarme, Breton and Yeats.

FA-34584-97Research Programs: Fellowships for University TeachersRosemary H. LloydAddressing Symbolism: Mallarme and His Circle1/1/1998 - 12/31/1998$30,000.00RosemaryH.Lloyd   Trustees of Indiana UniversityBloomingtonIN47405-7000USA1997French LiteratureFellowships for University TeachersResearch Programs300000300000

No project description available

FA-51902-05Research Programs: Fellowships for University TeachersPamela Antonia GenovaThe Influence of Japonisme on Nineteenth-Century French Writers1/1/2005 - 6/30/2005$24,000.00PamelaAntoniaGenova   University of Oklahoma, NormanNormanOK73019-3003USA2004French LiteratureFellowships for University TeachersResearch Programs240000240000

My book presents an interdisciplinary study of 'Japonisme' in the prose of four French authors from the 1800s: de Goncourt, Zola, Huysmans, and Mallarmé. Defined as the presence of techniques, styles, and motifs of Japanese art in nineteenth-century French painting, 'Japonisme' actually surpasses the boundaries of the visual, as writers also adapt these elements from painting to prose. I introduce a theoretical notion, 'aesthetic translation,' the process of writers integrating principles of painting, while I address issues of cultural communication implied in the reading of Eastern arts by representatives of the West. 'Japonisme' is essential in the development of French art, inviting aesthetic experimentation and foreshadowing Modernism.

FB-12670-75Research Programs: Fellowships for College Teachers and Independent ScholarsCarol A. BarkoThe Dynamics of Time and Space in Symbolist and Post-Symbolist Poetry6/1/1975 - 9/30/1976$14,000.00CarolA.Barko   Oberlin CollegeOberlinOH44074-1057USA1975French LiteratureFellowships for College Teachers and Independent ScholarsResearch Programs140000140000

Study will develop different approaches to the language of time and space as an expression of the dynamics of consciousness. An general distinction will be made among poets whose aim it is to create a mental time and space with its inner dialectic which manifested in the transcendence of human time and space, and those who communicate the will of the poet as homo-faber, he who works to endow language with the power to transform the exterior world and human experience and history. Poets studied will be Mallarme, Supervielle, Char, Saint-John Perse and Michaux.

FB-50364-04Research Programs: Fellowships for College Teachers and Independent ScholarsAnna Sigridur ArnarFacets: The Book in the Work of Stephane Mallarme6/1/2005 - 5/31/2006$40,000.00AnnaSigridurArnar   Moorhead State UniversityMoorheadMN56563-0001USA2003Art History and CriticismFellowships for College Teachers and Independent ScholarsResearch Programs400000400000

"Facets" is a book-length study on the French poet Stéphane Mallarmé's diverse engagement with the concept of the book. The book was thoroughly entrenched in Mallarmé's writings and practice; it is not simply an abstract ideal but also an independent entrepreneurial venture, an art object, a theatrical performance, and a "bomb" designed to make way for a new society. Although a handful of studies have examined a single development of Mallarmé's engagement with the book, nobody has linked these individual developments and recognized the interrelated character of this multi-faceted ambition. In addition to providing a compelling model for examining the utopian and practical manifestations of the book in Mallarmeé's work, I situate this singular obsession within a larger historical framework of the debates that informed fin-de-siècle culture-a culture that simultaneously shunned yet thrived on reproductive technologies and modern developments in publishing. My project will be especially valuable because it responds to fundamental gaps in existing scholarship. Unlike for other French writers, there exist no full-scale art historical studies devoted to Mallarmé despite his sustained interaction with the visual arts. As an art historian with expertise in nineteenth-century French print culture, I will contribute a unique reading of Mallarmé's work, particularly with respect to the material dimension of his literary practice. For example, Mallarmé was one of the first French literary figures to tap into the expanding network of fine arts printmaking to publish his own books. Moreover, he played a fundamental role in forging a new category of the modern book known as the "painter's book" at a time when most writers, including Mallarmé, were adamantly opposed to illustration. Finally, I contribute new and compelling scholarship concerning the impact of mass media on the poet's theories of reading and looking.

FB-52459-06Research Programs: Fellowships for College Teachers and Independent ScholarsElizabeth N. EmeryCollecting French Writers: Photojournalism, Fame, and the Birth of the "Author House"7/1/2006 - 6/30/2007$40,000.00ElizabethN.Emery   Montclair State UniversityMontclairNJ07043-1600USA2005French LanguageFellowships for College Teachers and Independent ScholarsResearch Programs400000400000

This book project traces the rise of popular interest in museums dedicated to famous literary figures in late 19th and early 20th-century France. Combining literary analysis with the histories of photojournalism, science and the museum, I argue that “writer houses” developed from a pre-existing interest in consecrating important social figures, which was heightened and modified after 1880 by the illustrated periodical press. Photojournalism and new approaches to the science of collection and display were responsible for a shift from interest in famous people as revered national heroes, worthy of public monuments, to more intimate and obsessive cults housed in private rooms, apartments, and museums.

FT-12352-75Research Programs: Summer StipendsPaul N. WestImpossibility5/1/1975 - 6/30/1975$2,000.00PaulN.West        1975Comparative LiteratureSummer StipendsResearch Programs2000020000

To examine various simulacra of the impossible as found in^orks by such writers as De Quincey, Mallarme, Wallace Stevens, Valery, Beckett. Such writers in trying to do the impossible, rehearse themselves, and us, for a universe that is inadequately summed up in the phrase 'the absurd. To juxtapose the impossible subject (science at its farthest reach) with the impossible object (art at its).

FV-21203-90Education Programs: Seminars for K-12 EducatorsWayne State UniversityThe Craft of French Verse: Hugo, Verlaine, and Mallarme10/1/1990 - 9/30/1991$55,279.00Richard Vernier   Wayne State UniversityDetroitMI48201-1347USA1990French LiteratureSeminars for K-12 EducatorsEducation Programs55279047306.930

No project description available

RO-10529-70Research Programs: Basic ResearchStanford UniversityA book on Arthur Rimbaud3/1/1970 - 9/30/1970$7,846.00RobertG.Cohn   Stanford UniversityStanfordCA94305-2004USA1970Literature, GeneralBasic ResearchResearch Programs7846078460

Study of the complete works of Rimbaud; meets difficulties of interpretation head-on as it proposes the first "word by word" study of Rimbaud ABSTRACT: Study of complete worlds of Rimbaud, meets difficulties of interpretation head-on a proposes first "word by word" study of Rimbaud. Method one of totaly responsibility to text; approach is integral and phenomenological, i.e., complete open-mindedness plus synthetic view which sees every element in a life, life-work as connected, ideally and theoretically. Study begins with a 60-page introduction, outlining method, overall approach and giving synthetic view of Rimbaud's temperament and career. Then each poem, in chronological order, treated seperately and in light of total approach. Proposes variety of critical methods; creative condition proper (reliving a given deep experirence); anthropological (few poets have equalled Rimbaud's capacity to generate modern myth); political (numerous revolutionary poems); or purely aesthetic. Of all 19th century French poets, Rimbaud considered most relevant to our times; today's youth powerfully to him, thus, understanding of his psychology, vision, art can be help to understanding contemporary times. Author's four books on Mallarme, using same method and approach, recognized by authorities as "opening new era" in Mallarme criticism. Proposes to do same for Rimbaud. Funds for travel abroad, salary.