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Grant program: Humanities Discussions
Date range: 2019-2022

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GG-266320-19Public Programs: Humanities DiscussionsUniversity of Maine, AugustaMaine's Mid-Century Moment: A Bicentennial Celebration9/1/2019 - 9/30/2021$100,000.00Lisa Botshon   University of Maine, AugustaAugustaME04330-9488USA2019American StudiesHumanities DiscussionsPublic Programs1000000931330

Implementation of sixteen humanities discussions exploring the artistic and literary interpretations of Maine’s identity in the mid-twentieth century.

This project investigates the overlooked history of literature and art of the mid-20th century, when writers, artists, and entrepreneurs helped to construct a fresh, but enduring, vision of the state of Maine, one that marketed its rustic character. While some of the remarkable creators from this era remain in the public eye—such as artists Marsden Hartley and Andrew Wyeth—others have faded into obscurity, including then-bestselling writers Katharine Butler Hathaway and Louise Dickinson Rich, as well as the few native Wabanaki artisans who persisted with traditional arts even through severe economic and political challenges. UMA requests $250,000 to implement a two-year project for a series of 16 statewide humanities discussions and a digital humanities map that probe the ways in which this era was essential to the development of the Maine we know today.

GG-266368-19Public Programs: Humanities DiscussionsInternational Storytelling CenterFreedom Stories: Unearthing the African American Heritage of Appalachia9/1/2019 - 8/31/2021$200,000.00Kiran Sirah   International Storytelling CenterJonesboroughTN37659-1239USA2019African American HistoryHumanities DiscussionsPublic Programs20000002000000

Implementation of a series of public discussions and an accompanying podcast and website that engage professional storytellers with humanities scholars to explore the history of African Americans in Appalachia.

Building on a successful record of providing innovative public programs and serving as a clearinghouse for storytelling and educational resources, the International Storytelling Center’s project will achieve a deeper public appreciation of the history and cultural heritage of African American communities in Appalachia. The project will bring together professional storytellers, humanities scholars, community experts, and audiences for a series of bridge-building, forward-looking planning sessions, public discussions and resource development initiatives. Products to be developed include a podcast series and multi-media toolkit prepared by humanities scholars, which will support the development of similar project featuring collaboration and dialogue between storytellers and scholars across the U.S. The Center will complete the project in partnership with the National Association of Black Storytellers, Heritage Alliance of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, and other organizations.

GG-266374-19Public Programs: Humanities DiscussionsMaine Humanities Council2020: Bicentennial Vision for Maine Past, Present, and Future9/1/2019 - 8/31/2022$110,000.00Elizabeth Sinclair   Maine Humanities CouncilPortlandME04102-1012USA2019U.S. HistoryHumanities DiscussionsPublic Programs1000001000010000010000

Implementation of scholar-facilitated reading and discussion sessions, a humanities speakers bureau, and a “Theater of Ideas” that explore the history of Maine’s road to statehood to commemorate the state’s bicentennial.

2020: Bicentennial Vision for Maine Past, Present, and Future is a 24-month initiative to provide shared humanities experiences and unique opportunities for Mainers to read, reflect, and connect with one another to gain a fuller understanding of where Maine has been and where it’s going. The initiative will leverage widespread public interest in Maine’s bicentennial to bring public humanities programming to communities big and small. Many pressing public issues facing Maine today are evident when we look to the statehood period. By bringing Mainers together around this history, we will provide context for dialogue that will equip citizens to envision the state’s next 200 years. Programs will be held in partnership with libraries and adult education programs. The initiative will consist of three program formats: (1) multi-session scholar-facilitated reading and discussion, (2) humanities speakers bureau, and (3) “Theater of Ideas” lively theater and discussion presentations.

GG-269696-20Public Programs: Humanities DiscussionsVideo Veracity, IncFree For All: Public Library Discussions Initiative6/1/2020 - 5/31/2022$310,000.00DawnC.Logsdon   Video Veracity, IncNew OrleansLA70118-2059USA2020Public HistoryHumanities DiscussionsPublic Programs310000000

Implementation of a national discussion program centered around the film Free For All: Inside the Public Library.

The Free For All: Public Library Discussions Initiative, led by Video Veracity and Serendipity Films in partnership with the American Library Association, other library groups, and the Kitchen Sisters podcasters, will spark face-to-face public engagement around the humanities themes in the NEH-funded documentary Free For All, which explores the history, culture, and significance of the American public library and the free library movement that created it. Set to launch July 4th weekend, the program celebrates the upcoming 250th anniversary of our democracy and encourages civic education through scholar-led discussions and “Story Hours” in regional libraries across the nation, inviting the public to reflect on our national values of democracy, community, literacy, and plurality. Working closely with our partners, we will extend learning through in-person and digital experiences for discussion participants and through the creation of a robust multimedia Toolkit.

GG-271459-20Public Programs: Humanities DiscussionsNewberry Library¡Vivan las Revoluciones!: Forming More Perfect Unions Across the Americas9/1/2020 - 6/30/2022$150,000.00Karen Christianson   Newberry LibraryChicagoIL60610-3305USA2020U.S. HistoryHumanities DiscussionsPublic Programs15000001473370

A series of public programs celebrating the 250th anniversary of the founding of the United States and its role in similar events in Latin American nations.

The Newberry Library seeks an NEH Humanities Discussions grant to support “¡Vivan las Revoluciones!: Forming More Perfect Unions Across the Americas.” In a series of twelve public programs, scholars, writers, artists, and community members will explore the complex histories and ongoing legacies of the Age of Revolutions across the Americas, inaugurated by the revolution of 1776. The confluence of the approaching 250th anniversary of the United States’ founding with the bicentennial commemorations in the early 2020s of independence for many Latin American nations provides a perfect opportunity to reflect on and reevaluate the vibrant, complex shared histories of the freedom struggles of the peoples of the Americas.

GG-271516-20Public Programs: Humanities DiscussionsNational Indian Education AssociationWarrior Spirit Project9/1/2020 - 8/31/2022$250,000.00HermanJ.Viola   National Indian Education AssociationWashingtonDC20005-2075USA2020Native American StudiesHumanities DiscussionsPublic Programs25000002500000

Implementation of an online archive, educational materials, and oral history exhibition that collects, interprets, and chronicles the contribution of Native American veterans to the United States.

The goal of the Warrior Spirit Project is broadly educate the American people about the dedication, contributions, and sacrifices made by Native Americans in military service to our country.

GG-278256-21Public Programs: Humanities DiscussionsALALet’s Talk About It: Women’s Suffrage6/1/2021 - 6/30/2023$249,999.00Samantha Oakley   ALAChicagoIL60611-2729USA2021U.S. HistoryHumanities DiscussionsPublic Programs24999902499990

Resources and training for a nationwide reading and discussion program focused on the history of suffrage and its aftermath.

The American Library Association requests a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Public Humanities Projects grant in the amount of $249,999 to implement a Let’s Talk About It (LTAI): Women’s Suffrage humanities discussion project corresponding to NEH’s “A More Perfect Union” special initiative. On August 18, 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified, which prohibited the government from denying a citizen the right to vote on the basis of sex. As the country celebrates the 100th anniversary of this landmark amendment, it is surprising how many Americans know very little about this milestone in the nation’s history. It is important that we highlight the decades of struggle, resistance, and demonstration by the women’s suffrage movement leading up to the ratification so communities may better appreciate and understand the lasting impact it has had on the nation. This project will engage communities across the nation in critical reflection and discussion on the movement.

GG-278279-21Public Programs: Humanities DiscussionsAquila Theatre Company Inc.Warrior Chorus: American Democracy5/1/2021 - 6/30/2023$399,980.00Peter Meineck   Aquila Theatre Company Inc.New YorkNY10003-6671USA2021ClassicsHumanities DiscussionsPublic Programs39998003999800

Public programs led by veterans and scholars based on classical Greek and American historical texts to address the meaning of democracy.

The Warrior Chorus: American Democracy – is a major national humanities program about the meaning of democracy by the men and women we asked to fight for it. It will present a public engagement series led by veterans and scholars based around classical Greek and American historical texts to address the meaning of democracy. American Democracy will train veterans and scholars in three regional centers to lead, staged readings, audience discussion, participatory workshops and public talks in 23 locations throughout America, connected with Aquila Theatre’s staging of Paul Woodruff’s translation of Sophocles’ Antigone. This will be coupled with a dynamic use of social media and a specially developed app. American Democracy uses classic texts to inspire people from all backgrounds to reflect on the connections between the works of the ancient Greeks and the issues they reflect in their own lives.

GG-280428-21Public Programs: Humanities DiscussionsUniversity of ScrantonScranton's Story, Our Nation's Story9/1/2021 - 12/31/2023$152,791.00Julie Cohen   University of ScrantonScrantonPA18510-2429USA2021Public HistoryHumanities DiscussionsPublic Programs15279101527910

Implementation of a public discussion series addressing Scranton and U.S. history as they relate to questions of national identity and citizenship.

“Scranton’s Story, Our Nation’s Story” explores the aspirational journey to fulfill our national ideals through the lens of Scranton, Pennsylvania, an iconic American city that has experienced many of the key elements of our nation’s experience: industrial era growth and decline, waves of immigration past and present, and Black and Indigenous experiences. Programs in a variety of scholarly and participatory formats, and across eight themes related to history, philosophy, English/literature, and religious studies, will engage a diverse group of Scrantonians in humanities-based conversations and story-sharing about founding debates, local and national identity, and our role as citizens in a democracy.

GG-280499-21Public Programs: Humanities DiscussionsPEN American Center, Inc.Flashpoints: Free Speech in American History, Culture & Society10/1/2021 - 9/30/2023$150,000.00Jonathan Friedman   PEN American Center, Inc.New YorkNY10012-5258USA2021American StudiesHumanities DiscussionsPublic Programs15000001497000

Implementation of ten public discussion events addressing the history and value of free speech in the United States.

Flashpoints: Free Speech in American History, Culture & Society will present the fascinating and complex history of free speech in American democracy to public audiences in cities across the country. The series will examine how free speech has evolved, illuminate past debates over who has the right to speak, and shed light on present debates about free speech in the context of protest, dissent, and the quest for social change. The historical flashpoints in this series highlight pivotal moments in which artists, activists, writers, filmmakers, and intellectuals tested the limits of free speech, challenging the public to redefine “freedom” and realize it anew for populations and causes that were at risk of having their liberties denied. Timed to mark both PEN America’s 100th anniversary in 2022 and the lead up to the U.S. semiquincentennial, the event series will run for two years from 2021-2023, and the digital resources will be available to educators and the public for years to come.

GG-280534-21Public Programs: Humanities DiscussionsCENTERThe Democratic Lens: Photography and Civic Engagement9/1/2021 - 4/30/2024$162,500.00LauraE.Wzorek Pressley   CENTERSanta FeNM87505-0352USA2021Art History and CriticismHumanities DiscussionsPublic Programs16250001625000

Implementation of a lecture series examining the historical and contemporary role of photography in civic participation.

The Democratic Lens: Photography and Civic Engagement is a lecture series examining the historical and contemporary role of photography in civic participation and its contribution to the national narrative. The program includes six scholar lectures, one panel discussion, six commissioned essays, nine podcasts and a printed program guide.

GG-285435-22Public Programs: Humanities DiscussionsMaine Humanities CouncilWhat If ...?: Afrofuturism and the Quest for a Just, Inclusive, and Sustainable Society5/1/2022 - 4/30/2024$250,000.00Samaa Abdurraqib   Maine Humanities CouncilPortlandME04102-1012USA2022American LiteratureHumanities DiscussionsPublic Programs25000002500000

Implementation of a twenty-four-month initiative that would introduce Afrofuturism to residents of Maine through reading and discussion programs, speakers’ bureau events, and statewide community engagement events.

This 24-month initiative will provide text-based humanities experiences and other unique opportunities for Mainers to read, reflect, and connect with one another and envision a future that is more just, inclusive, and sustainable. The initiative focuses on Afrofuturism and will use a variety of Afrofuturist texts to ground and propel conversation. Program activities are designed to create connections, foster a deepened sense of individual and community agency, and inspire increased civic engagement. Themes within the initiative will include: (1) Racial justice, (2) Climate justice, (3) Food justice, (4) Religion and Spirituality, and (5) Democracy and its possibilities. Our collective pursuit of the enduring shared goals of life, liberty, happiness requires ongoing imaginative community work to build a more perfect union rooted in the ideal of human equality. Community discussion of Afrofuturist texts will provide the framework and a set of conceptual and narrative tools for this work.

GG-285480-22Public Programs: Humanities DiscussionsALAThe Great Stories Club: Reading and Discussion for At-Risk Youth11/1/2022 - 8/31/2024$213,546.00Brian Russell   ALAChicagoIL60611-2729USA2022Literature, OtherHumanities DiscussionsPublic Programs21354602135460

Implementation of a nationwide program to support reading and discussion groups for at-risk teens at small local libraries.

The Great Stories Club is a thematic reading and discussion program developed to connect librarians with at-risk youth in their communities through literature-based outreach.

GG-287552-22Public Programs: Humanities DiscussionsDyckman Farmhouse Museum AllianceDyckman Discussions: A More Perfect Union in Inwood9/1/2022 - 8/31/2024$160,000.00Melissa Kiewiet   Dyckman Farmhouse Museum AllianceNew YorkNY10034-3101USA2022African American HistoryHumanities DiscussionsPublic Programs16000001600000

Humanities discussions exploring the history of New York City’s Inwood neighborhood from the colonial era through the nineteenth century.

The proposed project, Dyckman Discussions: A More Perfect Union in Inwood, is a two year in-person discussion series that will begin by exploring topics in New York history, such as forced removal of indigenous people, Dutch colonization, enslaved labor, and immigration. These panel discussions will lay a foundation for a three-part series of community dialogues in the second year. The community dialogues will build on the humanities-focused discussions from the previous year, and tackle the histories that lay the groundwork for and are relevant to today’s social and political climate. By centering our discussions around New York City and Inwood, staff at the museum aim to inspire our neighborhood to see commonalities - a ‘more perfect union’ - between themselves and their neighbors, creating a more unified community.

GG-287616-22Public Programs: Humanities DiscussionsLibrary of America400 Years of Latino Poetry5/1/2023 - 4/30/2025$849,449.00Max Rudin   Library of AmericaNew YorkNY10022-1006USA2022Latin American LiteratureHumanities DiscussionsPublic Programs84944908494490

A national series of public programs tied to the release of an anthology of Latino poetry.

Library of America, in partnership with the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures, plans 400 YEARS OF LATINO POETRY, a national public humanities initiative comprising a groundbreaking published anthology; public programs and conversations with literary scholars, poets, and historians; and a website featuring a permanent digital archive of teaching and learning resources.