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 29 items in 1 pages
CH-20225-96Challenge Programs: Challenge GrantsAppalshop, Inc.Appalshop Humanities Endowment and Organizational Development12/1/1994 - 7/31/1999$200,000.00Tim Marema   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA1996Media StudiesChallenge GrantsChallenge Programs02000000200000

To support a permanent endowment for humanities programming, interim support to develop key humanities programs until the endowment is established, and fundraising expenses.

CX-20009-83Challenge Programs: Challenge Grants for Other Nonprofit Orgs & SocietiesAppalshop, Inc.Challenge Grant3/1/1982 - 7/31/1986$225,000.00KatharineK.Pearson   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA1983Interdisciplinary Studies, GeneralChallenge Grants for Other Nonprofit Orgs & SocietiesChallenge Programs02250000225000

To support renovation and retirement of the mortgage debt on the Appalshop Center; and to support humanities programming.

EH-10334-72Education Programs: Institutes for Higher Education FacultyAppalshop, Inc.Appalachian Educational Media Project6/1/1972 - 8/31/1973$51,285.00Benjamin Zickafoose   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA1972Film History and CriticismInstitutes for Higher Education FacultyEducation Programs18785325001878532500

To offer Appalachian young people and education in media, specifically, to enable 16 students, recruited from the Workshop and schools across Appalachia, to produce eight educational film on Appalachian culture.

ES-10399-73Education Programs: Institutes for K-12 EducatorsAppalshop, Inc.Appalachian Educational Media Project3/1/1973 - 2/28/1974$68,218.00AlanG.Bennett   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA1973U.S. Regional StudiesInstitutes for K-12 EducatorsEducation Programs068218068218

The primary purpose of the workshop is to give opportunity and skills to Appalachian youth (ages 17-40)'while they record on film topics from the stony of their Appalachian heritage. To produce five new films (12-15 minute sound/color films) and to continue staff support. The films will be distributed in a package including printed material for teacher/student classroom use.

GN-*0897-79Public Programs: Humanities Projects in MediaAppalshop, Inc.Planning Grant7/1/1979 - 1/31/1980$20,000.00HerbE.Smith   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA1979Interdisciplinary Studies, GeneralHumanities Projects in MediaPublic Programs200000200000

To plan a televison series on the history of the Appalachian region.

To help increase the adult public's understanding of the Appalachian region.

GN-*1249-80Public Programs: Humanities Projects in MediaAppalshop, Inc.Film History of Appalachia - Research and Development9/1/1980 - 8/31/1981$98,795.00Helen Lewis   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA1980History, GeneralHumanities Projects in MediaPublic Programs987950987950

To support the development of a seven part television series on the history of the Appalachian region and scripting of a pilot dealing with the history of images of the region in the minds of Americans.

GN-20593-82Public Programs: Humanities Projects in MediaAppalshop, Inc.Images of Appalachia - Pilot for History of Appalachia Series1/1/1982 - 3/31/1983$190,000.00HelenM.Lewis   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA1982American StudiesHumanities Projects in MediaPublic Programs19000001900000

To support production of a 60-minute documentary film on the history of images and stereotypes of Appalachia as a region and its inhabitants from colonial times to the present. It is the pilot program for a seven-part series on the history of Appalachia.

GN-24735-93Public Programs: Humanities Projects in MediaAppalshop, Inc.Appalachian Economy and Culture: A History10/1/1993 - 10/31/1994$37,200.00HerbyE.Smith   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA1993American StudiesHumanities Projects in MediaPublic Programs372000372000

To support post-production of a 60-minute film on the interplay between culture and the economy in Appalachia.

GN-25088-95Public Programs: Humanities Projects in MediaAppalshop, Inc.Stranger With a Camera4/1/1995 - 1/31/1996$80,000.00Elizabeth Barret   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA1995Interdisciplinary Studies, GeneralHumanities Projects in MediaPublic Programs800000800000

To support scripting of a 60-minute documentary film examining media images of Appalachian people and the relationship between filmmakers and film subjects, through the story of a fatal shooting of a film director in Kentucky.

GN-50448-04Public Programs: Humanities Projects in MediaAppalshop, Inc.Photographer William Gedney's Legacy: Truth and Illusion9/1/2004 - 12/31/2005$10,000.00Elizabeth Barret   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2004AnthropologyHumanities Projects in MediaPublic Programs100000100000

Consultation with scholars to develop a one-hour television program on the legacy of American photographer William Gedney (1932-89).

GP-22137-99Public Programs: Special ProjectsAppalshop, Inc.Voices From Home: Appalachian Tales/America's Story9/1/1999 - 8/31/2002$300,977.00Maxine Kenny   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA1999U.S. Regional StudiesSpecial ProjectsPublic Programs100977200000100977200000

A series of nine eight-day residencies in different parts of the country and a culminating workshop in Appalachia to explore links between the life and culture of Appalachia with other regions and cultural groups in the country.

GS-20035-95Public Programs: Enterprise Awards Pre-2001Appalshop, Inc.Conversations on Appalachian Pluralism and Identity7/1/1995 - 9/30/1996$15,000.00Charles Maggard   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA1995Interdisciplinary Studies, GeneralEnterprise Awards Pre-2001Public Programs150000150000

To support for broadcast over the radio community conversations on American pluralism and identity in Dickenson County, Virginia; Hazard and Cumberland counties, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Whitesburg, Kentucky.

PA-23588-00Preservation and Access: Preservation/Access ProjectsAppalshop, Inc.Preservation Assessment of Film, Video, Audiotape, and Photography Collections9/1/2000 - 4/30/2001$2,950.00RichardM.Kirby   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2000Media StudiesPreservation/Access ProjectsPreservation and Access2950029500

A preservation assessment of holdings of film, video, audiotape, and photographs that document the social, political, economic, and cultural history of Appalachia.

PA-51519-06Preservation and Access: Preservation/Access ProjectsAppalshop, Inc.Film Collection Rehousing and Environmental Monitoring Project1/1/2006 - 7/31/2007$4,989.00DwightWilliamSwanson   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2005Media StudiesPreservation/Access ProjectsPreservation and Access4989049890

The purchase of an environmental monitor and related computer software and archival film supplies for six major still and moving images collections that cover life in central Appalachia since the 1930s.

Appalshop, Inc. proposes a grant for the purchase of environmental monitoring equipment and archival film supplies for its media vaults. The equipment and supplies will serve to enhance Appalshop’s archival vault development project and the long-term care and use of present and future holdings by allowing for precise measurements of the environmental conditions in the archival storage areas and by extending the life of the moving image materials that comprise the 16mm collections.

PA-51948-06Preservation and Access: Preservation/Access ProjectsAppalshop, Inc.Cataloging and Selective Reformatting of the Appalshop Audio and Moving Image Archives5/1/2006 - 10/30/2008$226,629.00Elizabeth Barret   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2006Media StudiesPreservation/Access ProjectsPreservation and Access22662902266290

Cataloging archival records that document the content of the organization's multi-media collections, creating finding aids, and rehousing and the selective reformatting of audio and moving image collections.

To preserve, catalog, and improve access to the documentary records in its archive, Appalshop seeks support for an archivist to assess and arrange the Archive's moving image and recorded sound collections; identify, preserve, and generate access copies of at-risk collection materials; further describe and complete cataloguing records of the Archive's materials and create title-level finding aids; provide increased awareness and access to the collections by the public through development of the Archive's website, and inclusion of catalogue records in established on-line archive collection indexes.

PB-292987-23Preservation and Access: Cooperative Agreements and Special Projects (P&A)Appalshop, Inc.Salvage and Digitization of Appalshop Archive Films1/1/2023 - 1/31/2024$30,000.00Caroline Rubens   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2022 Cooperative Agreements and Special Projects (P&A)Preservation and Access300000300000

The cleaning and digitization of 3 archival films, documenting important aspects of history and social issues in central Appalachia, which were damaged by a catastrophic flood in eastern Kentucky in July 2022.

This project will support the cleaning and digitization of archival films that were damaged by a catastrophic flood in eastern Kentucky in July 2022. Approximately 28,000 feet of film—equal to 10 hours of content—will be cleaned and digitized at a preservation lab with expertise in recovering damaged film. These films document important aspects of history and social issues in central Appalachia, and they will be lost without immediate intervention to salvage the celluloid images. The project will focus on the film masters for Appalshop documentaries, raw outtakes from the early 1970s, and picture film for which the sync audio has been digitized.

PG-258461-18Preservation and Access: Preservation Assistance GrantsAppalshop, Inc.Safeguarding Appalshop Archive Collections1/1/2018 - 12/31/2019$6,000.00Caroline Rubens   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2017Rural StudiesPreservation Assistance GrantsPreservation and Access6000060000

The purchase of storage furniture and preservation supplies to rehouse a collection of more than 1.8 million feet of 16mm film footage; approximately 1,600 photographic images; and 300 boxes of archival materials and mixed media.  The collection focuses on the history and culture of eastern Kentucky and western North Carolina and documents a wide range of topics, including daily life, coal mining, and the musical traditions of Appalachia.

Appalshop Archive is requesting funds to support improvement of our long-term storage for audiovisual, photographs, and paper records documenting central Appalachian history, culture and social issues, as well as the institution’s 48-year history. Targeted collections are: The Appalshop Films Collection and The June Appal Recordings Collection which contain first-voice documentation of the region and Appalachian musical recordings; The Robert Gumpert-Harlan County Photograph Collection documenting the Harlan County strike of 1973-74; The Kristen Mendenhall Photograph Collection of photographs of rural artisans, activists and residents in rural eastern KY and NC in the early 1970s; and The Mountain Eagle/Tom and Pat Gish Archives Collection, which contains materials on poverty, housing, education, drug abuse, and other issues affecting eastern KY.

PG-271846-20Preservation and Access: Preservation Assistance GrantsAppalshop, Inc.Safeguarding Appalshop's Moving Image and Paper Collections9/1/2020 - 2/28/2022$10,000.00Caroline Rubens   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2020Cultural HistoryPreservation Assistance GrantsPreservation and Access100000100000

The purchase of storage furniture and preservation supplies for improving long-term care of Appalshop’s institutional paper collections and an estimated 1.8 million feet of film footage recorded between 1969 and 2000, by Appalshop filmmakers. Appalshop’s audiovisual holdings consist largely of first-person accounts and direct documentation of events and activities in Appalachia, such as religious services, coal mining, folk artists at work, rural health care delivery, local politics, and traditional music. Included among the paper collections are the records of the Mountain Eagle, an influential East Kentucky weekly newspaper published from 1957 to 2005.

Appalshop Archive is requesting funds to improve storage of our collections that document central Appalachian history, culture and social issues, as well as the institution’s 50-year history. This project will significantly improve housing and storage conditions for our 1.8 million feet of 16mm film film materials and will expand our macrostorage and workspace capacity for processing and conserving our paper records and other collections.

PG-293560-23Preservation and Access: Preservation Assistance GrantsAppalshop, Inc.Appalshop Archive Staff Training on Cleaning and Digitization of Flood Damaged Media9/1/2023 - 3/31/2024$10,000.00Leo ShannonCaroline RubensAppalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2023American StudiesPreservation Assistance GrantsPreservation and Access100000100000

The purchase of magnetic media transfer equipment and training of archive staff to perform cleaning and preservation treatment of a flood-damaged audiovisual collection documenting central Appalachian history.

These funds will support training of Appalshop Archive staff to perform cleaning and preservation treatment of flood-damaged magnetic media. Analog media preservation specialist Skip Elsheimer will travel to Whitesburg to help staff create a magnetic media preservation suite. Elsheimer will instruct staff on proper procedures for cleaning and digitizing damaged media. This process involves manually wiping mud and mold off of flood-damaged tapes, running them back and forth on a secondary “junk” deck for further cleaning, and then transferring them to a primary deck for digital preservation. The funds will also support purchase of appropriate magnetic media transfer equipment (e.g. mini dv deck, cables, adaptors), as well as transportation, housing, and food for Elsheimer when he is in Whitesburg.

PG-51072-10Preservation and Access: Preservation Assistance GrantsAppalshop, Inc.Safeguarding the Appalshop Films Collection1/1/2010 - 6/30/2011$6,000.00Caroline Rubens   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2009Archival Management and ConservationPreservation Assistance GrantsPreservation and Access6000060000

The purchase of 1,080 archival film cans and a freezer to rehouse at-risk documentary 16mm films and videos created since 1969. A consultant would advise on archival rehousing and the purchase of the freezer. The selection of supplies and equipment is based on recommendations from the consultant and on the results of a previous NEH Preservation Assistance Grant and other preservation assessments. Appalshop's film holdings document a wide range of events and activities involving the history and culture of Appalachia, including local life, politics, religious services, folk artists at work, and traditional music.

For 40 years, Appalshop has been producing documentary films and videos, audio programs, musical recordings and other forms of media. In the process it has developed an extensive and important collection of materials documenting the Appalachian region and rural America. The Appalshop Film Collection contains approximately 1.8 million feet of 16mm black and white and color film covering all aspects of life in central Appalachia, including coal mining, subsistence farming, craftspeople, labor strikes, musicians, storytellers, religious practices, out-migration, politics, environmental activism, and Appalachian literature. In order to ensure the long term safety of its film holdings, the Appalshop Archive is seeking a grant to retain the services of a film archiving consultant and purchase supplies to re-house a portion of its 16mm picture and sound elements.

PG-51773-12Preservation and Access: Preservation Assistance GrantsAppalshop, Inc.Storage Furniture and Materials to Preserve Archival Collections1/1/2012 - 6/30/2013$6,000.00Caroline Rubens   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2011Archival Management and ConservationPreservation Assistance GrantsPreservation and Access6000060000

The purchase of storage furniture and preservation supplies to rehouse the organization's institutional records documenting the art, culture, and social history of Appalachia and rural America. The archive includes meeting minutes, project files, financial records, publicity, original artwork, and emphemera produced by of one of the oldest community arts organziations in the United States.

Appalshop is seeking funds to re-house the first 10 years of its legacy paper collection. Appalshop is a 41-year old community media center located in the coalfields of southeastern Kentucky. Its creation in 1969 was a product of both a War on Poverty program to train underserved youths in media production, and of the community media movement of the late 1960’s. Appalshop’s earliest paper records demonstrate how a film production workshop for high school students grew into a self-governing media arts and education center, and also how, through its activities, the organization captured aspects of Appalachian life that were not being documented elsewhere. Many of Appalshop’s earliest documents are in their original acidic folders and boxes. There are also oversize paper items from its first decade that require a flat file cabinet for proper storage. This grant will enable the archive to migrate these important documents to greatly improved archival storage micro-environments.

PG-52356-14Preservation and Access: Preservation Assistance GrantsAppalshop, Inc.Safeguarding and Improving Access to the Appalshop Archive1/1/2014 - 6/30/2015$6,000.00Caroline Rubens   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2013Arts, GeneralPreservation Assistance GrantsPreservation and Access6000060000

The purchase of archival shelving for a new storage facility dedicated for paper materials; two Preservation Environmental Monitors (PEM) that would assess conditions in a climate-controlled vault that stores film, video, audio, and photographs; as well as the hiring of a consultant who would advise and train staff on conducting in-house preservation of 10,000 at-risk video and audio tapes. The media collection, spanning 44 years of Appalachian culture and history, contains unedited outtakes, raw footage, and full interviews with a variety of Appalachian artists, musicians, craftspeople, writers, and other individuals of regional and often national importance. Topics range from subsistence farming, extractive industries in Appalachia, traditional music and storytelling, labor organizing, and migration. In addition, the Appalshop media makers documented newsworthy regional events such as activity surrounding the Scotia mine explosions in 1976, Edward Kennedy's visit to eastern Kentucky in 1983, and a sit-down protest against the laying of a natural gas well in an Appalachian hollow in 1990.

The Appalshop Archive is seeking funds that will support its goal of stabilizing and improving access to the organization's institutional paper and audiovisual records. For over four decades, Appalshop has produced and presented work in a wide range of media that celebrates the culture and voices the concerns of people living in the Appalachian Mountains. Its Archive houses a significant collection of primary materials documenting the social, political, economic, and cultural history of Appalachia. This grant will support the purchase of archival shelves for paper material storage and environmental monitors to track climate conditions in two storage spaces. It will also fund a consultancy with an expert in moving image preservation who will advise the Archive on the establishment of an in-house preservation workstation that meets archival standards for transferring magnetic media.

PN-293507-23Preservation and Access: Cultural and Community ResilienceAppalshop, Inc.Identifying, Preserving, and Amplifying Black Appalachian Experiences and Voices in Central Appalachia10/1/2023 - 9/30/2025$150,000.00Caroline Rubens   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2023Interdisciplinary Studies, GeneralCultural and Community ResiliencePreservation and Access15000001365000

The documentation and preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage resources about Black and African American Appalachians.

A project to identify, preserve and amplify Black Appalachian experiences and voices through cultural mapping, oral historic collection and dissemination, and national cultural exchanges and organizing. This is a cross-programmatic project within the arts and media non-profit organization Appalshop, Inc. It features work by project coordinators in three programs of the organization: Archive, Community Development, and Roadside Theater. We will collect and map Black churches and faith experiences in central Appalachian communities in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia, collect oral histories from an integrated community in Knott County, Kentucky, and participate in residencies with other organizations working with historically disadvantaged communities through the Performing our Future program.

PW-277651-21Preservation and Access: Humanities Collections and Reference ResourcesAppalshop, Inc.Preserving a Coal Community's History on Film6/1/2021 - 5/31/2023$50,000.00Caroline Rubens   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2021U.S. HistoryHumanities Collections and Reference ResourcesPreservation and Access500000500000

A Foundations project to plan for the inspection, reassembly, and digitization of a 16mm film and open reel audio production collection documenting the coal mining industry in the Appalachian region.

To digitize and preserve early film footage shot in the coalfields of central Appalachia held within the Appalshop Archive.

PW-296926-24Preservation and Access: Humanities Collections and Reference ResourcesAppalshop, Inc.Salvaging Appalachian Photo Collections7/1/2024 - 6/30/2027$225,581.00Chad Hunter   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2024Folklore and FolklifeHumanities Collections and Reference ResourcesPreservation and Access22558102255810

The treatment and digitization of 5,850 photonegatives from three collections dating from 1935–1995 and documenting the social, cultural, and economic history of Appalachia that were damaged in a major flood in 2022. 

This project will treat and digitize three major Appalachian photonegative collections that were damaged by catastrophic flooding in July 2022. The collections to be saved include images documenting: eastern KY and southwest VA residents during 1935-55, Brookside coal camp residents during the historic 1973-1974 Harlan County coal strike, and the media arts center Appalshop in the early 1990s, as recorded by noted Tennessee-born photographer Jeff Whetstone when he interned at the organization.

PY-253110-17Preservation and Access: Common HeritageAppalshop, Inc.The Hills Remember: Preserving Heritage in an Appalachian Coal Community1/1/2017 - 6/30/2018$12,000.00Caroline Rubens   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2016Public HistoryCommon HeritagePreservation and Access120000120000

A two-day digitization event at the Mountain Heritage Festival in Whitesburg, Kentucky, to document the community’s photographs, artwork, objects, and artifacts and preserve the Appalachian region’s historical record during a period of socio-economic transition, as communities confront challenges involved in moving beyond traditional lines of livelihood following the cessation of coal production. The applicant would select digitized items to highlight on a curated project web page, augmenting images with description of the project within the context of eastern Kentucky’s cultural heritage. To facilitate discussion and build appreciation of local heritage and cultural stewardship, the applicant would organize two additional public events: a “Home Movie Day” during which newly digitized film and video would be screened to the public and a culminating project ”showcase” at the applicant’s 2018 Seedtime on the Cumberland Festival.

Building on a sense of place that is deeper than its Appalachian coal seams while confronting the limits of a fossil fuel based economy, Letcher County, Kentucky, is in a moment of transition. The proposed project will build upon local efforts to increase sense of agency and appreciation for the community's heritage and assets. It will result in the digitization of vernacular photographic materials, artwork and  3-Dimensional objects, historical paper records and audiovisual materials provided by members of the public and gathered as a result of community engagement, public programming, and digitization events. By catalyzing the area's cultural assets, the project will increase local capacity through activities that safeguard and celebrate both the archival materials collected and the wellspring of community expression and traditions.

ZH-252992-17Challenge Programs: Humanities Access GrantsAppalshop, Inc.From These Hills: Public Programming and Engagement through the Appalshop Archive5/1/2016 - 9/30/2021$100,000.00Caroline Rubens   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2016Folklore and FolklifeHumanities Access GrantsChallenge Programs01000000100000

Digitization, expansion, and curation of Appalshop archival material.

A Humanities Access challenge grant will support Appalshop in 1) enhancing the organization's humanities program, 2) improving access to collections in its care, and 3) broadening and deepening its unique role as a regionally-based cultural, arts and humanities center in Appalachia with a national and international reach. As an anchor institution in a region that is currently undergoing significant economic transition away from coal as a dominant extractive industry, the timing of the NEH grant would be well-suited to this period of change as thousands of coal-related layoffs have occurred. This moment provides an opportunity to honor the area’s coalmining legacy while reimagining a future with a more diverse economy built in part through community cultural development. Materials in the Appalshop Archive hold lasting value for public programming in the humanities and will form the basis for implementing a robust outreach and engagement effort to bring more work before the public.

ZPA-284330-22Agency-wide Projects: ARP-Organizations (Preservation-related)Appalshop, Inc.Preserving and Improving Access to Appalshop's Humanities Collections10/1/2021 - 9/30/2022$155,285.00Caroline Rubens   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2021U.S. Regional StudiesARP-Organizations (Preservation-related)Agency-wide Projects15528501550900

Enhancing public access to archival collections about the history and culture of the Appalachian region through retaining and hiring staff members.

As the organization works to resume humanities programming, we are seeking capacity support to preserve and improve access to our archival collections illuminating the history and culture of the Appalachian region. Funds will go towards the digitization of collections that are in urgent need of preservation measures including photonegative collections spanning 1935 to 1991 and moving image materials dating to the 1970s. This project will also improve access to our Roadside Theater collection that includes documentation of late-20th century grassroots theater movements in the U.S.

ZR-256761-18Challenge Programs: Creating Humanities Communities GrantsAppalshop, Inc.These Roots Run Deep: Connecting Communities Through Foodways2/1/2017 - 1/31/2022$150,000.00Caroline Rubens   Appalshop, Inc.WhitesburgKY41858-0743USA2017Cultural HistoryCreating Humanities Communities GrantsChallenge Programs01500000150000

A series of community forums, events, and workshops that promote and educate the public about Appalachian local foodways.

Appalshop is seeking support for programming that links the present to the past as expressed through foodways in eastern Kentucky. The lead applicant and project partners will seek to engage citizens in the further exploration of cultural heritage through the lens of local traditions, with a special focus on food growing, preparation, and our strong relationship to the land and place. The wealth of knowledge among local citizens, grassroots and educational institutions, and scholars will be a catalyst for discovering and interpreting the food culture that we share. This unifying topic will also activate discussion within the humanities regarding the importance of local heritage, the human diversity and complexity that shapes our traditions and community identity, as well as sustainability and health in a changing economy.