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Prizes for Chinese Railroad Workers in North America: A Conference

Chinese Railroad Workers in North America: A Conference
Gordon Chang, Stanford University

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Prizes for “The Chinese Helped Build the Railroad: the Railroad Helped Build America. Photographs by Li Ju.” (Exhibition)

“Committee of 100 Common Ground Award for Advancement in U.S.-China Relations.” [link]
Date: 5/8/2014 12:00:00 AM
Organization: Committee of 100 [link]
Abstract: The Committee of 100, an international organization dedicated to making cultural connections between the United States and Asia, honored Stanford University with its Common Ground Award for the Advancement in U.S.-China Relation The gala featured a video about the Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project, as an example of how Stanford research is bridging a historical divide in Chinese and American relations. Led by two Stanford professors, more than 100 scholars in North America and Asia are searching for information – seeking out descendents and traversing archives and museums – about the thousands of Chinese migrants who labored on the Transcontinental Railroad. The rail line helped shape the American West and culminated with Leland Stanford driving the Golden Spike at its completion on May 10, 1869.