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Prizes for Creating Web Access to Oral History Interviews

Creating Web Access to Oral History Interviews
Sherna Gluck, California State University, Long Beach Foundation

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Prizes for Virtual Oral/Aural History Archive (Web Resource)

Higher Education Innovator
Date: 6/1/2003 12:00:00 AM
Organization: MIT-Accenture [link]
Abstract: Accenture and MIT invited government organizations, public corporations, and higher education institutions to submit nominations for existing, Web-enabled, digital solutions or services. The nominations were viewed and judged on-line by a panel of leaders in academia, government and other organizations. Awards for each category were based on the degree of creative thinking and innovative use of Web-enabled technology used to create or enhance service delivery; the extent to which the nomination successfully addressed a significant problem faced by the users or the organization; and, the level of transformation and demonstrated effectiveness and tangible results achieved in the delivery of the program or service.