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Prizes for Advanced Fellowships for Research in the Humanities in Turkey

Advanced Fellowships for Research in the Humanities in Turkey
A. Reinhart, American Research Institute in Turkey

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Prizes for Piracy and Law in the Ottoman Mediterranean (Book)

Mediterranean Seminar Best Book Prize [link]
Date: 8/1/2020 12:00:00 AM
Organization: The Mediterranean Seminar/CU Mediterranean Studies Group (CUMSG) [link]
Abstract: Focusing on the period beginning with the battle of Lepanto and extending through the so-called “Northern Invasion” of the English and the Dutch into the Mediterranean, this book examines the central role piracy played in the emergence of an “Ottoman Mediterranean” as a legal space shaped by multiple, ever-shifting factors. In this wide-ranging and beautifully written study, archival sources spanning both religious and imperial spheres of law become windows onto the astonishing complexity of an early modern Mediterranean in which there were “no hard and fast lines separating Christian and Muslim spheres, but rather a culture of legal pluralism in which merchants, travelers, and seamen took advantage of multiple overlapping jurisdictions.”