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Prizes for Revisiting New York: 1962-64

Revisiting New York: 1962-64
Claudia Gould, Jewish Museum

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Prizes for New York: 1962-1964 (Exhibition)

Best Art of 2022 [link]
Date: 12/7/2022 12:00:00 AM
Organization: The New York Times [link]
Abstract: Still in recovery from Covid lockdown, art museums in 2022 tried hard to pull traffic through the door. This meant a season heavily weighted, on the marquee side, toward an Old Normal: familiar, low-risk fare. At the same time, even our big, conservative institutions have started to come to grips with the fact that they need to appeal to new, demographically diverse audiences if they’re going to have a future. And this impulse seems to lie behind some of the most stimulating shows of the year.