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African-American Literary Heritage: Three Mississippi Writers
Jianqing Zheng, Mississippi Valley State University

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An Interview with Sterling D. Plumpp (Article)
Title: An Interview with Sterling D. Plumpp
Author: John Zheng
Abstract: In 2013, the NEH Summer Institute devoted a two-day session to the discussion and exploration of Plumpp’s poetry and aesthetics at Mississippi Valley State University. He is the finest blues poet of this century. During his visit to MVSU in July 2013, we had long chats, and I approached him for an interview which was published in the 2013 issue of the Journal of Ethnic American Literature.
Year: 2013
Format: Journal
Periodical Title: Journal of Ethnic American Literature
Publisher: Mississippi Valley State University

Conversations with Sterling Plumpp (Book)
Title: Conversations with Sterling Plumpp
Editor: John Zheng
Abstract: Conversations with Sterling Plumpp is the first collection of interviews with the renowned poet of Home/ Bass and other much-admired works. Spanning thirty years and drawn from literary and scholarly journals and other media, these interviews offer insights into his poetic innovation of blues and jazz and his mastery of black vernacular in poetry. This collection seems fundamental to an understanding of the life and work of an African American poet who has been innovative in fusing blues and jazz rhythms with poetic insight and in vivifying the vernacular landscape of African American poetry.
Year: 2016
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Secondary URL Description: University Press of Mississippi webpage
Publisher: University Press of Mississippi
Type: Edited Volume
ISBN: 9781496807427
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