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Noobitu ranu ("Let's set up camp together"): Articulating Comanche Philosophy
Dorna Riding-In Battese, Comanche Nation College

Grant details:

Comanche Centered Education (Course or Curricular Material)
Title: Comanche Centered Education
Author: Juanita Pahdopony
Author: Phyllis Narcomey
Author: Jimmy Arteberry
Author: Dorna Riding In-Battese
Abstract: These curricular materials support Comanche Nation College's mission to provide a 'Comanche Centered Education'. There are two components: lectures with accompanying PowerPoint, handouts, and audio recordings. Lecture topics include: Comanche Sacred Sites, Comanche Plant Use, Cedar Lesson, and Oral History by Maddische. The second component is a Comanche (Numunuu) Scrabble game designed to support learning Comanche language.
Year: 2014
Audience: Undergraduate