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Roberts Wesleyan College A.S. Arts & Culture
David Basinger, Roberts Wesleyan College

Grant details:

A.S. Arts & Culture and Humanities (Course or Curricular Material)
Title: A.S. Arts & Culture and Humanities
Author: Dr. Matthew Moore
Author: Dr. Benjamin Espinoza
Abstract: The Arts and Culture associates degree exposes students to a broad canvas of history, literature, the arts, and culture. The program includes courses in the liberal and fine arts and will prepare critical thinkers who can engage in cultural conversations with intelligence, and can work in a myriad of professional settings. Students will also be prepared with a strong foundation for continued education in bachelor’s-level programs. Designed for working professionals to complete in 12-24 months, 100 percent online.
Year: 2020
Primary URL: http://
Primary URL Description: Arts and Culture, A.S.
Audience: Undergraduate

FNAR 2300: The Art of Film (3 Credits) (Course or Curricular Material)
Title: FNAR 2300: The Art of Film (3 Credits)
Author: Dr. Matthew Moore
Abstract: Students will learn film history and literature as well as the impact of film on popular culture. Film's potential for raising and exploring meaningful issues and its capacity to instruct and edify are considered. Overall, this course serves as an introduction to film and its relation to the world.
Year: 2021
Audience: Undergraduate