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Creating Undergraduate Majors in Environment, Sustainability and Health Equity
Dana Simmons, Regents of the University of California, Riverside

Grant details:

Department of Society, Environment and Health Equity (Course or Curricular Material)
Title: Department of Society, Environment and Health Equity
Author: Dana Simmons
Author: Ellen Reese
Author: Chikako Takeshita
Author: Juliann Emmons Allison
Author: Ann Cheney
Author: Kim Yi Dionne
Author: Tanya Nieri
Author: Jade Sasser
Author: Catherine Gudis
Abstract: Environment, sustainability, and health equity are at the center of UCR’s vision for its future role in scholarship and public service. The Department of Society, Environment and Health Equity (SEHE) will offer a curriculum and research program grounded in the tools and concepts of the arts, humanities and social sciences. The department’s interdisciplinary orientation and focus on local environmental and health equity needs encourage faculty and students to address complex social, medical, and environmental problems, and to prepare undergraduate students to serve the complex and diverse needs of the Inland Southern California region. SEHE undergraduate degrees will prepare students for high-demand careers and post-graduate study in areas such as health care, health policy, sustainability, and “green” jobs. The program integrates theoretical rigor, civic and social engagement, community service, and the methodological tools of community-engaged and community-driven research. By placing equity and justice at the center of sustainability and environmental practices, the SEHE Department will prepare students to address cascading factors associated with deteriorating health and quality of life among impacted communities. Our graduates will receive training that will prepare them to reimagine solutions for overcoming barriers to sustainability and health equity.
Year: 2023
Audience: Undergraduate