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NEH Enduring Questions Course on the Purpose of Art
Kelsey Bennett, Western Colorado University

Grant details:

Asking Enduring Questions in Honors (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: Asking Enduring Questions in Honors
Author: Stephanie Porras
Author: Kelsey L. Bennett
Author: Kate Gaudet
Abstract: We propose a multi-institutional, interactive panel composed of National Endowment for the Humanities Enduring Questions faculty grant recipients. Humanities faculty from various disciplines, including English and art history, reflect on the ways in which honors courses are particularly well suited to be incubators of question-driven courses that foster lasting intellectual community through study of the humanities, regardless of major. This panel provides diverse models of NEH-funded courses in which faculty and students together pursue enduring questions in the humanities—including questions of justice—and advance student learning outcomes of deepening and enhancing student appreciation, through in and out-of-class experiences, for the humanities. In addition, the panel emphasizes interdisciplinary explorations of literature, drama, philosophy, the visual arts, music, and film, and other creative forms of expression. The session encourages participant questions, observations, and practices within their respective honors communities.
Date: 11/08/17
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Primary URL Description: This is the main conference page from the NCHC website. A detailed conference program is forthcoming.
Conference Name: National Collegiate Honors Council Conference

What is Art For? (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: What is Art For?
Author: Sarah Stewart
Author: Eliya Sorensen
Author: Avery Smith
Abstract: Three students from my NEH EQ course presented condensed versions of various papers they had written for the course. Sarah's paper explored the tensions inherent in Plato's views on the censorship of art in _The Republic_; Avery discussed the relationships between the architecture of Versailles and the political expressions of power of Louis XIV; Eliya read from her response to works of contemporary art she encountered during our field trip to the Denver Art Museum.
Date: 04/25/17
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Primary URL Description: This is the main page for the Celebration of Scholarship. Archives, including this year's, are pending.
Conference Name: Western State Colorado University Celebration of Scholarship