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NEH Enduring Questions Course on the Pursuit of Self-Knowledge through Philosophy and Literature
Jesse Butler, University of Central Arkansas

Grant details:

Companion Website for Enduring Questions Course on Self-Knowledge (Web Resource)
Title: Companion Website for Enduring Questions Course on Self-Knowledge
Author: Jesse Butler
Abstract: This is a companion website developed in conjunction with a course on self-knowledge at the University of Central Arkansas. The course itself is a result of Enduring Questions Grant # AQ-51002-14. The course website contains links to many of the assigned readings from the course, along with various additional supplementary materials related to the course topic. [Note: the current version of the website, as of 5-28-2015, reflects content from the first version of the course, from the Spring 2015 semester. The course will be taught again Spring 2016, so the website may be revised and updated in preparation for the second run of the course.]
Year: 2015
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: This URL links directly to the companion website.

Cross-Cultural Conceptions of Self (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: Cross-Cultural Conceptions of Self
Author: Jesse Butler
Abstract: In comparative work on Eastern and Western conceptions of the self, contrasting differences are often primarily emphasized. While there are important differences to be noted, there are interesting and important commonalities as well, the recognition of which can help foster cross-cultural education and scholarship. I will survey representative differences and commonalities across Eastern and Western conceptions of self, with emphasis towards a pluralistic understanding of self-knowledge that can stimulate cross-cultural dialogue and interdisciplinary collaboration in research and the classroom. Some attention will be given to relevant historical figures and viewpoints (e.g. Plato, Aristotle, Buddhism, Confucius, Zhuangzi, Descartes, and Hume), though I will focus in particular on converging overlap between Asian philosophy and developments in contemporary philosophy and cognitive science.
Date: 3-20-2015
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: This is a link to a PDF of a handout I gave to attendees at the presentation. It contains the presentation abstract and a bibliography of research resources related to the presentation topic.
Secondary URL:
Secondary URL Description: This is a link to a PDF of the conference program. The presentation is listed on p. 4, as part of the “Crossing Boundaries: Collaboration, Interdisciplinarity, and Comparative Research” panel.
Conference Name: Asian Studies Development Program, 21st Annual National Conference