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Planting the Oar
Max Rayneard, Telling Project

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Planting the Oar Discussion Group Manual (Course or Curricular Material)
Title: Planting the Oar Discussion Group Manual
Author: Rayneard, Max
Abstract: Planting the Oar seeks to bridge the divide between veterans and civilians by facilitating discussion between them around great literary texts that examine civilian / veteran relations. The Planting the Oar Discussion Group Manual has two purposes: 1) To provide context and guidance for the texts discussed in Planting the Oar Discussion Groups 2) to prepare participants so they will arrive at discussion groups having given thought to the literary texts they have read and they questions they give rise to. The manual provides facilitates discussion on the following subjects: Week 1 - What is a Veteran? / What is a Civilian? Week 2 and 3 - The Odyssey Week 4 - Othello Week 5 - The poetry of Wilfred Owen Week 6 and 7 - The Things They Carried Week 8 - The script of Telling: Orlando Each week is divided into three sections. 1) provides a rationale for the inclusion of the text in the Planting the Oar curriculum, a brief overview of history, context, and aesthetic forms of the text, and where relevant, a very broad overview of the plot and characters in the text. 2) Open ended free-writing prompts meant to facilitate discussion 3) A selection of key quotations from the text, as well as prompts for discussion
Year: 2017
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