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No-Man’s Land: Dialogues on the Experience of War
Thomas La Pointe, Bergen Community College

Grant details:

No Man's Land: Dialogues on the Experience of War (Web Resource)
Title: No Man's Land: Dialogues on the Experience of War
Author: Peter Molin
Abstract: We created a comprehensive website for the second year of the project. The website is structured as a series of links to stories used in the dialogues and includes additional stories for further dialogue and discussion. Each web page offers a general overview of the story (theme, plot, characters), an embedded video with supplemental context (such as an interview with the author), discussion questions, and a link to the text.
Year: 2020
Primary URL:

No Man's Land: Difficult Dialogue (Film/TV/Video Broadcast or Recording)
Title: No Man's Land: Difficult Dialogue
Writer: Daniel Fernandez
Director: Daniel Fernandez
Producer: Nela Navarro
Abstract: This dialogue explored the ways that trauma is transmitted and remembered across generations and focused on the relationship of perpetrators and victims of genocide. It brought together the daughter of a member of the French resistance, who later died in the Neuengamme Concentration Camp in 1945, and the son of a member of the “Ordnungspolizei,” the uniformed police force in Nazi Germany, in a constructive, open-ended dialogue. The session also included a screening and discussion of a brief documentary film, Amnesia, which explores the ways in which empathy and the arts can help people come to terms with the trauma of war.
Year: 2020
Access Model: Open access
Format: Video
Format: Digital File