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Products for grant CH-51244-15

Striving for just communities: Endowment support for humanities programs in Oregon
Adam Davis, Oregon Humanities

Grant details:

WeLead: Youth Powered Conversations (Conference/Institute/Seminar)
Title: WeLead: Youth Powered Conversations
Author: Eric Gold
Abstract: Article written by Eric Gold on WeLead, a youth program by Oregon Humanities to teach facilitation of difficult dialogue surrounding community issues.
Date Range: 5/1/16-5/31/16
Location: Portland
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Link to article on the Oregon Humanities page that talks about the WeLead program

Oregon Humanities Conversation Project (Conference/Institute/Seminar)
Title: Oregon Humanities Conversation Project
Author: Ben Waterhouse
Abstract: Tyler White who attended WeLead as a youth and is now a facilitator for the Conversation Project, another of Oregon Humanities programs targetted at facilitating community dialogue surrounding difficult issues.
Date Range: 8/31/08
Location: Portland
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Article about a WeLead alum who became a Conversations Project facilitator. Shows that these two programs are active and working well together to create sustained humanities conversations. Ben Waterhouse is the Oregon Humanities staff member who wrote the article 8/31/21.

Bridging Oregon (Conference/Institute/Seminar)
Title: Bridging Oregon
Author: Jennifer Alkezweeny
Abstract: Information on Oregon Humanities program, Bridging Oregon, which sought to bring together diverse audiences for conversation and understanding.
Date Range: 2018-2019
Location: Portland
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Information from Oregon Humanities website on this program. It looks like it only ran for one year.