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Structural Improvement of the Historical Studies and Social Science Library at the Institute for Advanced Study
Marcia Tucker, Institute For Advanced Study - Louis Bamberger And Mrs. Felix Fuld Fdn

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Final design plans for the renovation of the Institute’s Historical Studies – Social Science Library (Report)
Title: Final design plans for the renovation of the Institute’s Historical Studies – Social Science Library
Author: N/A
Abstract: The original goals of the proposal were to implement permanent solutions to four major problems—roof, paver, and window leaks, as well as excessive ultraviolet light—that continue to threaten the integrity of the library structure and pose an imminent risk to collections stewardship, humanities scholarship, and overall institutional health. The trustees of IAS selected the firm Kimmel Borgette to scope this important project. After an assessment of the alternatives and deep consideration of the library’s long-term needs, we have decided to move forward by bridging the existing building with a steel truss system. A usable third floor will be added to the building without removing the existing original vaulted roof, thereby preserving the uniqueness of the original design. Please see the attached documents for renderings (“Library Design”). Within the attached designs, you’ll see an abundance of office spaces to meet existing need and create capacity for new personnel to support interdisciplinary projects, open spaces for collaboration, seminar rooms, as well as multi-purpose spaces. In keeping with the paramount importance of preserving the building’s revered architectural design, the proposed improvements are planned for minimal visibility. In addition, the planned renovations will make vital updates to the library to achieve much higher levels of energy efficiency; to bring the facility up to code; and to improve maintenance and accessibility. The project conforms closely to the institution’s long-range strategic plan, in which a central focus is renewal and restoration of major campus infrastructure. The budget for this plan is now estimated at $11 - $15 million, dependent upon the prices of raw materials, inflation, labor costs and finishes. We’ve identified additional donors who have committed to fund this proposal, building on those funds already certified and reported as part of our match.
Date: 04/06/2023
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