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Open Access Edition of Embracing Age How Catholic Nuns Became Models of Aging Well by Anna Insolio Corwin
Peter Mickulas, Rutgers University

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Single Publication (Open Access eBook or Collection)
Publication Type: Single Publication
Title: Embracing Age: How Catholic Nuns Became Models of Aging Well
Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781978822313
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Author: Anna I. Corwin
Abstract: About This Book Embracing Age: How Catholic Nuns Became Models of Aging Well examines a community of individuals whose aging trajectories contrast mainstream American experiences. In mainstream American society, aging is presented as a “problem,” a state to be avoided as long as possible, a state that threatens one’s ability to maintain independence, autonomy, control over one’s surroundings. Aging “well” (or avoiding aging) has become a twenty-first century American preoccupation. Embracing Age provides a window into the everyday lives of American Catholic nuns who experience longevity and remarkable health and well-being at the end of life. Catholic nuns aren’t only healthier in older age, they are healthier because they practice a culture of acceptance and grace around aging. Embracing Age demonstrates how aging in the convent becomes understood by the nuns to be a natural part of the life course, not one to be feared or avoided. Anna I. Corwin shows readers how Catholic nuns create a cultural community that provides a model for how to grow old, decline, and die that is both embedded in American culture and quite distinct from other American models.
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