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War Literature Anthology
Donald Whitfield, Great Books Foundation

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Standing Down: From Warrior to Civilian (Book)
Title: Standing Down: From Warrior to Civilian
Author: Multiple (anthology)
Editor: Donald H. Whitfield
Abstract: Standing Down: From Warrior to Civilian is an anthology of literature concerning military service and the experience of warfare. It contains 44 selections from a variety of genres - fiction, essays, poetry, journalism, speeches, letters, and memoirs - covering a span of almost three thousand years, from Homer's Iliad through writings by members of the United States Armed Forces who recently served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The book is designed to support group discussions of its contents by veterans and all other citizens interested in reflecting on military experience, especially those making the transition from active service back to civilian life. To this end, all the selections are accompanied by suggested questions for discussion. Standing Down is the central instrument for use in the Great Books Foundation's initiative to extend its discussion activities to veterans, under the aegis of its Talking Service program (
Year: 2013
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: The primary URL leads to the bookstore page for Standing Down on the website of the Great Books Foundation. This page contains the complete table of contents of the book.
Secondary URL:
Secondary URL Description: The secondary URL leads to the website for the Great Books Foundation's outreach discussion program for veterans, Talking Service, for which Standing Down is the primary collection of material for discussion.
Access Model: Standing Down is a book product, avaialble for sale to any customer.
Publisher: The Great Books Foundation
Type: Edited Volume
ISBN: 978-1-939014-5
Translator: N/A
Copy sent to NEH?: Yes