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Products for grant EH-272535-20

Philosophical Perspectives on Giving, Receiving, and Conceiving Care
Tamara Metz, Reed Institute

Grant details:

Care Beyond the Binary: A Transdisciplinary Colloquium (Conference/Institute/Seminar)
Title: Care Beyond the Binary: A Transdisciplinary Colloquium
Author: Chris Paige
Abstract: This workshop, held on Zoom on 10/20/2022, brought together 3 participants from the Institute as speakers (Chris Paige, Lina Maria Murillo, Janet Jakobsen) with faculty members Merel Visse and Bob Stake. The pdf for this event is in the Supplementary Materials, titled "Colloquium."
Date Range: 10/20/2022
Location: Drew University/Zoom

The Challenge and Inequality of Care (Game/Simulation)
Title: The Challenge and Inequality of Care
Author: Traci Levy
Abstract: This is a role-playing game for the classroom. "The Challenge and Inequality of Care," Microgame Version is an educational, live action role-playing game about informal (unpaid) caregiving in the United States. It takes about 2.5 hours to set up, play, and debrief. (This time can be divided over multiple sessions.) The game challenges players to try to keep their jobs and their health while meeting their caregiving challenges.
Year: 2022
Access Model: available for classroom use through Prof. Levy
Source Available?: No

Care in the Nineteenth Century (And Beyond) (Course or Curricular Material)
Title: Care in the Nineteenth Century (And Beyond)
Author: Jayda Coons
Abstract: What does literary studies offer to care theory? ● ways of reading nuanced, textured interactions and encounters ● imagining relationalities/ambivalences not always captured by “big picture” or ideal thinking ● promoting new relationalities, imagining new worlds ● subjectivity formation–we attach to stories as ways of living and being in the world, models for living, and to understand, critique, and imagine anew ● opportunities for presentism–how do these historical structures of everyday life reverberate in our contemporary moment? ● care and colonialism intertwined in this period–course also serves as a critique of whiteness and its weaponized ideas of “care”
Year: 2022
Primary URL Description: Syllabus is included in Supplementary Materials.
Audience: Undergraduate