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"Stony the Road We Trod . . . ": Exploring Alabama's Civil Rights Legacy
Martha Bouyer, Alabama Humanities Foundation

Grant details:

2019 Stony the Road Teacher Lesson Plans (Course or Curricular Material)
Title: 2019 Stony the Road Teacher Lesson Plans
Author: Dr. Andraya Anderson-James
Author: Beth Banning
Author: Bonnie Belshe
Author: Aimee Blanchette
Author: Jeffrey Boogaard
Author: Carol Burkhead-Fox
Author: Marian Doman
Author: Margaret Engman
Author: Sarah Ewell
Author: Christina Fanning
Author: William Frazier
Author: Francine Havard
Author: Ashley Hesseltine
Author: Jared Huhta
Author: Lynn Janik
Author: Andrea Javor
Author: Deidre Jenkins
Author: Erin Landvatter
Author: Sean McAtee
Author: Clarence McClung
Author: Calvin McFarland
Author: Kevin Mears
Author: Sydney Neville
Author: Anna Osborne
Author: Douglas Paul
Author: Thea Storz
Author: Lisa Stubenrauch
Author: Solomon Williams
Author: LaToya Snead
Abstract: These Civil Rights Movement lesson plans were developed along "concept" lines to allow them to work for teachers of different subjects and allow for collaboration across curricular borders.
Year: 2019
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Civil Rights Movement lesson plans for K-12 classrooms
Audience: K - 12