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The Poem and the Garden: Rival Media in Early Modern England
Deborah Solomon, Auburn University at Montgomery

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The Poem and the Garden in Early Modern England (Book)
Title: The Poem and the Garden in Early Modern England
Author: Deborah Solomon
Editor: Marguerite Tassi
Editor: Carole Levin
Abstract: This book draws attention to the pervasive artistic rivalry between Elizabethan poetry and gardens in order to illustrate the benefits of a trans-media approach to the literary culture of the period. In its blending of textual studies with discussions of specific historical patches of earth, The Poem and the Garden demonstrates how the fashions that drove poetic invention were as likely to be influenced by a popular print convention or a particular garden experience as they were by the formal genres of the classical poets. By moving beyond a strictly verbal approach in its analysis of creative imitation, this volume offers new ways of appreciating the kinds of comparative and competitive methods that shaped early modern poetics. Noting shared patterns―both conceptual and material―in these two areas not only helps explain the persistence of botanical metaphors in sixteenth-century books of poetry but also offers a new perspective on the types of contrastive illusions that distinguish the Elizabethan aesthetic. With its interdisciplinary approach, The Poem and the Garden is of interest to all students and scholars who study early modern poetics, book history, and garden studies.
Year: 2022
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Publisher: Routledge
Type: Single author monograph
ISBN: 1032188774
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