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A Multisensory Philosophy of Perception
Casey O'Callaghan, Washington University

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A Multisensory Philosophy of Perception (Book)
Title: A Multisensory Philosophy of Perception
Author: Casey O'Callaghan
Abstract: This book argues that human perception and perceptual consciousness are richly multi- sensory. Its thesis is that the coordinated use of multiple senses enhances and extends human perceptual capacities in three critical ways: (1) Crossmodal perceptual illusions reveal hidden multisensory interactions that typically make the senses more coherent and reliable sources of evidence about the environment. (2) The joint use of multiple senses discloses more of the world, including novel features and qualities, making possible novel forms of perceptual consciousness. (3) Through crossmodal dependence, plasticity, and perceptual learning, each sense over time is reshaped by the influence of others. The implication is that no sense—not even vision itself—can be understood entirely in isolation from the others. This undermines the prevailing approach to perception, which proceeds sense by sense, and sets the stage for a revisionist multisensory approach that illuminates the nature, scope, and character of perceptual consciousness.
Year: 2019
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Type: Single author monograph