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The Revolution's Echoes: Music, Politics and Pleasure in Guinea
Nomi Dave, University of Virginia

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The Revolution's Echoes: Music, Politics & Pleasure in Guinea (Book)
Title: The Revolution's Echoes: Music, Politics & Pleasure in Guinea
Abstract: This book examines the aesthetics of authoritarianism, through a study of music and performance in the Republic of Guinea. Music and musicians in Guinea have long engaged in deep-rooted practices of avoiding dissent and engaging in praise for the powerful. Across genres and generations, they often adopt cautious, conservative, and strategic positions towards the state, ranging from carefully constrained social commentary to lavish praise. Moreover, it is musicians and audiences, rather than government officials, who maintain the relevance and popularity of these forms. The Revolution’s Echoes examines the choices and subjectivities of musicians who sing for an authoritarian state, and the experiences and desires of audiences who derive great pleasure from this music.
Year: 2019
Type: Single author monograph