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Products for grant FA-252546-17

Creating Data: The Invention of Information in the 19th-Century American State
Benjamin Schmidt, Northeastern University

Grant details:

Creating Data (Web Resource)
Title: Creating Data
Author: Benjamin Schmidt
Abstract: Creating Data is an in-progress digital monograph about the way that the 19th century American State created, organized, and visualized data.
Year: 2018
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Project Web Page.

Deepscatter (Computer Program)
Title: Deepscatter
Author: Benjamin Schmidt
Abstract: A library for the visualization and exploration of high-dimensional datasets in two dimensional space.
Year: 2018
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Code repository
Access Model: MIT license
Programming Language/Platform: Javascript/WebGL.
Source Available?: Yes

Historical City Populations Dataset (Database/Archive/Digital Edition)
Title: Historical City Populations Dataset
Author: Benjamin Schmidt/Jacob Alperin-Sheriff
Abstract: A dataset of historical city populations from the US census four times larger than any previously available for scholarly research, with supporting code organized collated from existing projects at Stanford's CESTA and but supplemented with an extraordinary volume of Wikipedia edits.
Year: 2018
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Code and data repository
Access Model: open access

American Expansion (Exhibition)
Title: American Expansion
Curator: Ronald Grim
Abstract: A digital display of maps created for this project were included in the 2019 Boston Public Library exhibition "American Transformed"
Year: 2019
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Website built to be displayed in context at BPL.
Secondary URL:
Secondary URL Description: Exhibition catalog (not part of this NEH grant.)