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Nationalism and Modernity in Turkey
Carter Findley, Ohio State University

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Turkey, Islam, Nationalism, and Modernity: A History, 1789-2007 (Book) [show prizes]
Title: Turkey, Islam, Nationalism, and Modernity: A History, 1789-2007
Author: Carter Vaughn Findley
Abstract: Turkey, Islam, Nationalism, and Modernity reveals the historical dynamics propelling two centuries of Ottoman and Turkish history. As mounting threats to imperial survival necessitated dynamic responses, ethnolinguistic and religious identities inspired alternative strategies for engaging with modernity. A radical, secularizing current of change competed with a conservative, Islamically committed current. Crises sharpened the differentiation of the two currents, forcing choices between them. The radical current began with the formation of reformist governmental elites and expanded with the advent of “print capitalism,” symbolized by the privately owned, Ottoman-language newspapers. The radicals engineered the 1908 Young Turk revolution, ruled empire and republic until 1950, made secularism a lasting “belief system,” and still retain powerful positions. The conservative current gained impetus from three history-making Islamic renewal movements, those of Mevlana Halid, Said Nursi, and Fethullah Gülen. Powerful under the empire, Islamic conservatives did not regain control of government until the 1980s. By then they, too, had their own influential media. Findley's reassessment of political, economic, social, and cultural history reveals the dialectical interaction between radical and conservative currents of change, which alternately clashed and converged to shape late Ottoman and republican Turkish history.
Year: 2010
Publisher: Yale University Press
Type: Single author monograph

Modern Türkiye Tarihi: Islam, Milliyetçilik ve Modernlik, 1789-2007 (Book)
Title: Modern Türkiye Tarihi: Islam, Milliyetçilik ve Modernlik, 1789-2007
Author: Carter V. Findley
Editor: (trans.) Günes Ayas
Abstract: Carter V. Findley, Türkiye’nin iki yüz yillik modernlesme tarihini derinlikli analizler, çarpici tespitler ve zengin bir kaynakçayla anlattigi bu kitabiyla, tarih kitapligimiza bir basucu eseri armagan ediyor. Modern Türkiye Tarihi Osmanli Imparatorlugu’nun son dönemini ve kurulusundan bugüne Türkiye Cumhuriyeti’ni yakindan tanimak isteyen herkes için ideal bir kaynak niteliginde.
Year: 2011