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The Female Portrait in Greek Art and Society
Sheila Dillon, Duke University

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The Female Portrait Statue in the Greek World (Book)
Title: The Female Portrait Statue in the Greek World
Author: Sheila Dillon
Abstract: In this book, Sheila Dillon offers the first detailed analysis of the full range of evidence for female portrait statues in Greek art. A major component of Greek sculptural production, particularly in the Hellenistic period, female portrait statues are mostly missing from our histories of Greek portraiture. Whereas male portraits tend to stress their subject’s distinctiveness through physiognomic individuality, portraits of women are more visually homogeneous. In defining their subjects according to normative ideals of beauty rather than notions of corporeal individuality, Dillon argues that Greek portraits of women work differently than those of men and must be approached with different expectations. She examines the historical phenomenon of the commemoration of women in portrait statues from the fourth century to the first centuries BCE and traces the continued use of the idealizing, “non-portrait” style into the Roman period at a select number of sites.
Year: 2010
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Primary URL Description: Cambridge University Press website; published in hardcover in 2010; published in paperback in 2011
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Type: Single author monograph
ISBN: 978-1-107-6036
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