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Jesuit Narratives of Otherness and the Jesuit-Orchestrated Tour of Europe by Japanese Samurai (1584-1585)
Daniel Reff, Ohio State University

Grant details:

The First European Description of Japan, 1585 (Book)
Title: The First European Description of Japan, 1585
Author: Daniel T. Reff
Author: Richard K. Danford
Author: Robin D. Gill
Editor: Reff
Editor: Danford
Editor: Gill
Abstract: Critical English language edition of Striking Contrasts in the Customs of Europe and Japan, by Luis Frois, S.J. (1585). Translated from the Portuguese original and edited and annotated by R.K Danford, R.D. Gill, and D.T. Reff. With Critical Introduction by Daniel T. Reff
Year: 2014
Publisher: Routledge
Type: Scholarly Edition
ISBN: ISBN-10: 04157
Translator: Reff
Translator: Danford
Translator: Gill
Copy sent to NEH?: Yes