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Citizenship in Progressive America
Bob Pepperman Taylor, University of Vermont and State Agricultural College

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Citizenship and Democratic Doubt: The Legacy of Progressive Thought (Book)
Title: Citizenship and Democratic Doubt: The Legacy of Progressive Thought
Author: Bob Pepperman Taylor
Abstract: Much of the world today views America as an imperialist nation bent on global military, economic, and cultural domination. At home few share this negative view, largely because of a widespread belief in the irreproachable purity of our goals. Taylor, however, argues that our moral self-righteousness may potentially imperil our democratic ideals and threaten democracy itself by plunging us into illiberalism. Taylor looks closely at six key thinkers in the Progressive tradition whose work helps illuminate the essential flaws in our current thinking about democracy. Their writings, he contends, offer insights that can reinforce and strengthen a vigorous democratic faith, warn us of the dangers inherent in various forms of democratic arrogance, and counsel a kind of doubt or humility that would make us much better democratic citizens. This book is part of the American Political Thought series.
Year: 2004
Publisher: University Press of Kansas
Type: Single author monograph
ISBN: 070061348X